June 2002


84 palestinians killed by israeli action this month
57 israelis killed by palestinian action this month


Advocating transfer (ethnically cleaning Palestine of all palestinians)

Israel pays an increasing price for its killings. In several significant suicide bomb attacks, 57 israelis are killed during the month.

The PA High Court rules that the PA has no legal ground to hold PFLP secretary general Saadat, must release him immediately. In response, the IDF sends tanks toward Jericho, where Saadat is being held; declares the Jericho area a closed military zone; warns it will kill Saadat if he is freed. Arafat quickly convenes the Executive Authority (EA), the PA's cabinet, which over turns the court decision. Saadat was never put on trial, but was sent to a Jericho prison together with 5 other PFLP members in May in a political deal, securing Arafats mobility as the IDF lifted its siege of the Muqata after 34 days. 4 of the 5 others had been on a quick palestinian military trial. The verdict however had been overturned by the PA High Court. Nonetheless all 6 were in jail, because of the polical deal between the PA, and Israel and the US.

Bush announces that the U.S. is "not ready to lay down a specific calendar" for political talks leading to a Palestinian state. The most urgent issue is "PA reform" - meaning getting rid of Arafat. Asked about Israel's ongoing incursions into Palestinian towns, Bush says "Israel has a right to defend herself." At the end of june, Bush gives a major speech outlining the new US policy toward the "peace process". Without mentioning Israel's military escalations, Bush says in effect that the Palestinians must remove Arafat and create a Western-style democracy before the peace process can move forward. The US halts direct dealings with Arafat.

MK Benny Elon (Moledet), on a lobbying trip to the U.S., says he has received "quiet support" fr. several mbrs. of Congress for his 7-part "Elon peace initiative," based on the idea of the "voluntary transfer" of Palestinians to Jordan, which would become a "Jordanian-Palestinian state." Palestinian refugees would be resettled in their host countries. West Bank and Gaza Palestinians would be given Jordanian-Palestinian citizenship and could remain in their homes, but those who "violate the terms of the plan" would be expelled to Jordan.


Israeli actions Negotiations Palestinian actions
Every is one palestinian killed by israeli action   Every is one israeli killed by palestinian action

The IDF sends a large force into Bethlehem and Dahaysha r.c., arrests 1 Palestinian, withdraws to outskirts of both areas by nightfall; conducts arrest raids in al-Bireh, al-Fara' r.c., Tamun, Tulkarm (shelling parts of the city); continues to conduct house-to-house searches in Balata r.c., Nablus; shells a power station in Bayt Hanun, cutting electricity to parts of Bayt Hanun, Bayt Lahia, Jabaliya. The IDF says 100s of Palestinians have been detained in Balata r.c., 50 of them arrested. An IDF sniper fatally shoots 1 Palestinian in Nablus; a Palestinian dies of injuries received on 5/6. (HP, NYT 6/1; NYT, WP, WT 6/2; LAW 6/5)


IDF operations continue in Balata r.c. and Nablus, expand to Bayt Wazzan. In Balata r.c., the IDF blows up the home of AMB Nablus cmdr. Titi (assassinated 5/22), an alleged bomb-making factory; says 3,000 Palestinians fr. the camp have been detained, 100s released (but reportedly warned against returning to the camp). In Nablus, the IDF arrests a Jordanian journalist, 7 foreign peace activists for being in a closed military zone; arrests 6 Palestinian students, including 4 women, at al-Najah university on charges of plotting attacks. The IDF also conducts arrest raids in Tulkarm, occupying 1 Palestinian home as an IDF post; imposes a closure on Jalazone r.c.; bulldozes a Palestinian olive grove nr. Bayt Jala, 120 dunams of agricultural land in Sawahira al-Sharqiyya; confiscates Palestinian property in Bayt Hanina; shells residential areas of Khan Yunis, damaging several homes, buildings. (HP 6/2; NYT, WT 6/3; LAW 6/5; JPI 6/14)

CIA Dir. George Tenet arrives in Cairo on the first leg of a 4-day regional tour to consult with Egyptian, Israeli, Palestinian leaders on PA security reforms. (HA, NYT, WT 6/3; JT 6/3 in WNC 6/4; WP, WT 6/4; HA, NYT, WP, WT 6/5; QA 6/5 in WNC 6/6; MM 6/7; AYM 6/7 in WNC 6/10; MEI, NYT 6/14; NYT 6/15)


The IDF continues operations in Balata r.c., Nablus for the 5th day; blows up an alleged bomb-making factory, raids and damages a medical center in Balata r.c. In new Askar r.c., the IDF conducts house-to-house searches, breaking through walls; bulldozes 4 cars; damages 22 stores, a medical center. The IDF also sends tanks into al-`Ayn r.c., `Ayn Bayt Hilma r.c., calling on men ages 15+n45 to turn them selves in, detaining 100s; conducts arrest raids in al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, Qalqilya (also confiscating files fr. the Qalqilya Charity Comm., Islamic Club), Tulkarm; shells residential areas of Rafah, destroying 1 Palestinian home, damaging 6; bulldozes 50 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Khan Yunis, areas around the Gaza airport. The IDF, Shin Bet also raid the Arab Chamber of Commerce in Jerusalem, arrest 6 Palestinian employees for violating the closure of the building imposed in 8/01 (see Peace Monitor in JPS 121). Israel seizes 30 dunams of Palestinian land along the Green Line nr. Issawiyya for creation of buffer zones, 120 dunams in the Jabal Mukabir neighborhood of East Jerusalem for Jewish housing, a tourists complex. (AP, HP 6/3; WP, WT 6/4; LAW 6/5; HA, WJW 6/6)

The U.S. announces it has just scheduled a mtg. btwn. Bush, Sharon at the White House on 6/10, after a visit by Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak. Israeli officials say Sharon asked for the mtg. out of concern that Israel's views were being overshadowed by the "near-constant stream" of Arab visitors to Washington. (JP, NYT, WT 6/4; MM, NYT, WP 6/5; AYM 6/7 in WNC 6/10)

Overnight, Palestinians detonate 2 roadside bombs nr. IDF convoys in the West Bank, causing no damage.

The PA High Court rules that the PA has no legal ground to hold PFLP head Saadat, must release him immediately. In response, the IDF sends tanks toward Jericho, where Saadat is being held; declares the Jericho area a closed military zone; warns it will kill Saadat if he is freed. Arafat quickly convenes the Executive Authority (EA), the PA's cabinet, which over turns the court decision. (AFP, HA, JP, LAW 6/3; RMC 6/3 in WNC 6/4; WP, WT 6/4; MM 6/5; AYM 6/5 in WNC 6/6) (see 5/19)


Before dawn, the IDF sends tanks, troops, APCs into Jenin; makes a smaller incursion into Hebron. In Bayt Umar, the IDF fatally shoots a 16-yr.-old Palestinian stone thrower. In Nablus, the IDF fires on a marked media car carrying 2 Reuters photographers, damaging the car but causing no injuries. (REU, WT 6/4; LAW, NYT, WP, WT 6/5)


In response to Meggido car bomb, the IDF sends tanks, helicopters into Jenin, declaring the area a closed military zone, imposing a curfew, conducting house-to-house searches; makes raids on Hebron, Qalqilya, Tulkarm; continues operations in Nablus. Late in the evening, the IDF sends tanks, troops into Ramallah, imposes a curfew, declares the area a closed military zone, shells Arafat's offices in what remains of the PA compound; bulldozers pile debris in front of the headquarters' exits; Arafat, who is inside, is not harmed. (AP, CNN, LAW, MM 6/5; AFP, Interfax, XIN 6/5 in WNC 6/6; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/6; GS 6/7; QA 6/7 in WNC 6/10; MEI 6/14)

American PR firms representing Israel urge the Israeli government not to respond to the Meggido bombing for 24 hrs. so that the U.S. newspapers, TV news programs would open with pictures of the bombing, victims' funerals rather than IDF retaliatory attacks. (MM 6/7)

In light of the economic downturn since the intifada began, the Knesset passes (74-28) an amendment to the National Insurance Law (1995) applying a 4% cut to all child allowance payments, an additional 20% cut in amounts paid to parents of children without a relative serving in the IDF (i.e., mostly Israeli Arabs). (Adalah press release 6/6)

Polls show that Reps. Earl Hilliard (D-AL) and Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), both 5-term incumbents, are struggling to win renomination this yr., largely because of their statements critical of the U.S.'s pro-Israel policy. Their challengers are highlighting their own strong support of Israel, tapping large Jewish donors. The races are creating Black-Jewish tensions in Congress, as Hilliard and McKinney are African American, most of the Jewish money donated to the rival campaigns is fr. outside the candidates' home states. (WP 6/6; AP 6/26; WJW 6/27; WT 7/2)

Mubarak arrives in Washington, reportedly carrying a proposal for Bush to support recognition of a Palestinian state in early 2003, with permanent status talks to be completed within 3 yrs. thereafter. (MM, WP 6/5; MM 6/6, MM 6/7)

An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber marking the 35th anniversary of the 1967 war detonates a large car bomb nr. a bus in Meggido, killing 14 IDF soldiers, 3 Israeli civilians, wounding 38.

The IDF continues its attack on the PA's Ramallah compound, flattening 6 buildings (including an intelligence office, jail) leaving 1 Force 17 mbr., 1 PA intelligence officer dead. Troops reportedly are "poised and ready" to capture or kill Arafat, but pull back and out of Ramallah before dawn, after Sharon promises Bush he will not harm the PA leader. The IDF pulls out of Jenin, Nablus in the evening; sends tanks into Beitunia, arrests 6 Palestinians. (AP, MM, WT 6/6; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/7; al-Quds 6/7 in WNC 6/10)

Mubarak meets with U.S. VP Dick Cheney, Secy. of State Colin Powell, mbrs. of Congress. (MENA 6/6 in WNC 6/7; MENA 6/6, 6/7 in WNC 6/10; MM, WP 6/7)

Rep. Hilliard loses a tight run-off election to a candidate backed with $1.4 m. fr. AIPAC. (AP 6/26; MEI 7/12) (see 6/5)

A Palestinian gunman fatally shoots a Jewish settler driving nr. Shiloh settlement.

Before dawn, the IDF sends troops back into Jenin; declares a curfew on Jenin, 5 surrounding villages; conducts arrest raids in Tulkarm. (NYT, WP, WT 6/8; WP 6/9; MEI 6/14

Mubarak meets with Bush at Camp David. (MENA 6/7, 6/8 in WNC 6/10; MENA 6/7 in WNC 6/11; WP, WT 6/8; MEI 6/14) (see Quarterly Update)

Nr. Hebron, 2 PFLP gunmen infiltrate a new settlement enclave nr. Karmei Tsur, killing 3 Jewish settlers, wounding 5; 1 PFLP mbr. is shot dead, the other escapes.

The IDF says that in the past 24 hrs., it has killed 6 Palestinians attempting attacks on Israeli targets, including 2 Palestinians swimming toward the Gaza settlement of Dugit, carrying grenades and guns. In addition, 3 Palestinians are killed in a mysterious explosion nr. Rafah; 2 Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) mbrs. are fatally shot by the IDF when they open fire on an army base at Yitzhar settlement, injuring 4 IDF soldiers. The IDF raids Halhul, looking for the 2d gunman involved in the 6/7 attack nr. Karmei Tsur. (NYT, WP, WT 6/9; MEI 6/14)

After a 2d round of talks with Mubarak at Camp David, Bush announces that the U.S. is "not ready to lay down a specific calendar" for political talks leading to a Palestinian state, the most urgent issue is PA reform. (NYT, WP, WT 6/9; MENA 6/9 in WNC 6/10; MM 6/10; MENA 6/10 in WNC 6/11; JPI, MEI 6/14; al-Ra'i 7/15 in WNC 7/17) (see Quarterly Update)


Late in the evening, the IDF sends 10s of tanks, troops back into Amari r.c., Ramallah in a massive incursion to bulldoze buildings damaged in early attacks and conduct arrest raids, surround Arafat's headquarters, impose curfews, conduct house-to-house searches; 1 Palestinian is killed. The IDF also makes late-night arrest raids in Hebron, Qalqilya, Tulkarm. In Gaza City, the PSF arrests Islamic Jihad leader Shaykh Abdallah Shami for plotting the 6/5 bombing. (LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/10; MEI 6/14)

Sharon arrives in Washington; meets with Pentagon, National Security Council officials. (WP 6/10)

Arafat appoints a new "transitional" EA. Among the new mbrs. are Maj. Gen. `Abd al-Razzaq Yahya, named interior M to oversee security reforms, and respected IMF economist Salam Fayyad, named finance M to oversee economic reforms. (BBC 6/9; HA, MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/10; AFP, MENA, QA 6/10 in WNC 6/11; HA, JP, WP 6/11; MENA, SA 6/11 in WNC 6/12; PR 6/12; SA 6/13 in WNC 6/14; MEI 6/14; al-Nahar 6/16 in WNC 6/17; QA 6/18 in WNC 6/19)

 10 JUNE

IDF continues operations in Ramallah, conducting house-to-house searches, arresting 27 Palestinians, occupying a PSF post and detaining 30 PSF officers, surrounding hospitals and PRCS offices, firing on 2 ambulances. The IDF also continues arrest raids in Hebron, sends troops in and out of Tulkarm repeatedly during the day. A mysterious predawn explosion at the home of a senior PA military intelligence official in Jabaliya injures 40 Palestinians; an ill Palestinian dies at a checkpoint nr. Jenin; a 2d Palestinian dies of injuries received on 5/28. (LAW, NYT, PRCS press release 6/10; NYT, UPMRC, WP, WT 6/11)

The YESHA settlers council launches a PR campaign to "stress the morality and justice of the Jews' right to the Land of Israel"; says it recently hired a company to handle overseas PR, organized a delegation to meet with U.S. congressmen and investors, held a seminar for settlement spokesman, published a brochure for settlers on how to deal with the media. (Hatzofe 6/10 in WNC 6/11)

Sharon meets with Bush at the White House. Afterward, Bush says that the time is not yet ripe to begin working toward a final status agmt.; PA must first make reforms. Asked about Israel's ongoing incursions into Palestinian towns, Bush says "Israel has a right to defend herself." (HA, MM 6/10; MA, XIN 6/10 in WNC 6/11; AYM 6/10, MENA 6/11 in WNC 6/12; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/11; JT, QA, al-Quds 6/12 in WNC 6/13; MM, Jerusalem Times, WJW, WP 6/13; MENA 6/13 in WNC 6/14; MEI 6/14; MA 6/14 in WNC 6/16; MA 6/14 in WNC 6/17; MM 6/17; al-Quds 6/18 in WNC 6/19)

 11 JUNE

The IDF makes new incursions into Bethlehem, Dahaysha r.c., al-Khadir, Tulkarm and surrounding villages; continues operations in Ramallah, arresting 30 Palestinians (including PFLP 2d-in-command `Abd al-Rahim Malluh), reportedly uncovering an explosives lab in a Force 17 building; searches a PRCS office nr. Hebron; delays ambulances at checkpoints in the Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah areas. The IDF fatally shoots a 9-yr.-old Palestinian boy when he strays too close to Netzarim settlement; 2 Palestinians in Gaza, who allegedly fired on a Jewish settler vehicle. A 7th Palestinian is found dead nr. Erez crossing; the IDF claims a roadside bomb he was planting accidentally exploded. Nr. Hebron, 3 Jewish settlers are wounded when they accidentally trigger an explosive device in a field. Israeli authorities demolish 6 Palestinian homes in Sur al-Bahir in East Jerusalem. (AFP, LAW, MM, PRCS press release, UPMRC 6/11; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/12; AYM 6/30 in WNC 7/31)

  A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a device in a restaurant in Herziliya, killing 1 Israeli, wounding 8. The AMB fatally shoots 2 collaborators in Hebron. A Palestinian stabs, wounds an Israeli policeman in Jerusalem.
 12 JUNE

The IDF continues operations in Ramallah, Tulkarm; conducts arrest raids in Bayt Furik, Rafah, Tubas (demolishing 2 PSF posts, 2 Palestinian homes, a kindergarten); sets fire to 300 dunams of olive groves nr. Shavei Shomron settlement, bulldozes 50 dunams of land nr. Khan Yunis. In Gaza, 8 Palestinians are killed by the IDF; a 9th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In the evening, the IDF withdraws fr. most of Ramallah, including removing a cordon around Arafat's offices, lifts curfew for 3 hrs. but reimposes it; more than 80 Palestinian have been arrested in Ramallah since 6/9. (HP, PR, PRCS press release, UPMRC 6/12; NYT, PCHR, WP 6/13; LAW 6/19)

Nr. Beersheba, Israeli authorities bulldoze 17 bedouin homes, bulldozes bedouin land to expand the Omer municipal district. (WAFA 6/13)

MK Uriel Ariel (National Union+nYisrael Beitainu) proposes that the Knesset establish a committee of inquiry into how the secret Oslo talks came about in 1993. Israeli FM Shimon Peres in protest suspends the Labor party's membership in the governing coalition, but the motion fails to pass by a vote of 34-26. (INN 6/13; HA 6/17)

State Dept. senior adviser on the Arab-Israeli negotiations Aaron Miller gives a private briefing to a Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) group, during which some ZOA mbrs. yell "Wrong!" when he says there can be no "military solution" to the conflict, groan audibly when he mentions Seeds of Peace camps for Israeli and Palestinian children, walk out, slamming the door, when he says that Palestinians seek a "democratic, pluralistic, humanistic" government. ZOA head Morton Klein says the group found Miller "frustrating" after just having come from a Congressional reception that made an "incredible show of support" for Israel. (Forward 6/21)

 13 JUNE

The IDF completes its withdrawal to the outskirts of Ramallah; conducts arrest raids in Anabta, Bayt Furik; shells residential areas of Khan Yunis, wounding 7; demolishes a Palestinian home in Hebron; bulldozes 17 dunams of agricultural land in Absan nr. the Gaza-Israel border. In Silwan in East Jerusalem, Israeli special forces raid a Palestinian home, killing 1 Palestinian, wounding another. A Palestinian heart attack victim dies when his ambulance is barred fr. crossing an IDF checkpoint to reach a hospital. (LAW 6/13; UPMRC, WP 6/14; LAW, PCHR 6/19; New Haven Register 7/3)

Bush confers with Saudi FM Prince Saud al-Faisal, who holds separate talks with VP Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/14) (see Quarterly Update)

 14 JUNE

IDF troops conduct predawn arrest raids in Birzeit, Hebron; sappers detonate a large bomb discovered in Qalqilya. IDF troops posted at Keddumim fatally shoot 1 Palestinian who apparently strayed too nr. the settlement. (NYT 6/15; LAW 6/19)

In Washington, PA Planning M Nabil Shaath presents Powell with a written outline of a peace proposal that makes concession on the status Jerusalem, refugees but demands Israel's withdrawal to the 1967 borders. Powell holds separate mtgs. with Saudi FM Prince Saud, IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz. (NYT 6/15; QA, al-Quds 6/15 in WNC 6/17; WT 6/16; AP 6/17; WP 6/18; DUS, al-Quds 6/18 in WNC 6/19; CNN 6/19; QA 6/19 in WNC 6/20; HA 6/20; HA 6/26; HA 7/3)

 15 JUNE

The IDF makes arrest raids into Jenin, shelling residential areas, destroying 3 workshops; fires in the air, directs tear gas at some 200 Palestinian women, children attempting to cross a closed checkpoint nr. Hebron. Jewish settlers fr. Brakha and Yitzhar set fire to 700 dunams of Palestinian crops, 2 Palestinian homes nr. Nablus. (HA, NYT, WP, WT 6/16; LAW, PCHR 6/19)

  Hamas gunmen clash with IDF troops nr. Dugit settlement in Gaza, killing 2 IDF soldiers, wounding 4; at least 1 Hamas mbr. is killed. The soldiers were searching for Hamas mbrs. who had planted a car packed with mortars, launchers, 330 lb. of explosives nr. Dugit in a plot to ambush an IDF unit.
 16 JUNE

The IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian circumventing a roadblock on the Jenin+nRamallah road; bulldozes 27 dunams of agricultural land nr. Khan Yunis. For no apparent reason, IDF soldiers fire on a PSF post in Bayt Lahia and on Palestinians waiting to cross the Qalandia checkpoint, injuring a several Palestinians. (LAW, PCHR 6/19)

 17 JUNE

Overnight, the IDF sends troops into Jenin, killing 1 Palestinian; fatally shoots a 3d Palestinian nr. Ramallah. The IDF openly assassinates local AMB leader Walid Sbeh in al-Khadir. In Gaza, the IDF begins work on an iron barrier at Netzarim Junction, apparently to better control Palestinian movement on the main road btwn. n. and s. Gaza; orders Khan Yunis fishermen to move their operations to Rafah harbor; demolishes an industrial complex nr. Gaza City, including the only factory in Gaza for producing bottled oxygen for hospitals. The IDF also fires on Palestinians circumventing the Surda checkpoint (nr. Ramallah), injuring 4. Jewish settlers fr. Brakha set fire to another 70 dunams of agricultural land in Hawara village (see 6/15). (MM, REU 6/17; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/18; LAW, PCHR, PR 6/19)

The 4-day 34th World Zionist Congress opens in Jerusalem. The 750-seat congress convenes every 4+n5 years to negotiate the policy of the World Zionist Organization, which makes up half the decision-making power of the Jewish Agency. The Jewish Agency controls a $350 m. annual budget, which is used for immigration and absorption, as well as worldwide religious, political, education programs. (HA, JTA 6/18)

  A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a device nr. a border police unit nr. Tulkarm, causing no injuries.
 18 JUNE

Late in the evening, as the IDF sends tanks troops into Jenin town and r.c. in response, imposing a curfew and firing on Palestinians who resist, the Israel cabinet convenes to discuss what further action to take. Afterward, Israel announces the launching of Operation Determined Path, under which "Israel will respond to acts of terror by capturing PA territory. . . . Additional acts of terror will lead to the taking of additional areas," which would be held indefinitely. During the day, the IDF assassinates Islamic Jihad student leader Yusif Bisharat in Hebron; raids the Nablus home of PLO Exec. Comm. mbr. and DFLP mbr. Taysir Khalid; shells residential areas of Gaza City, injuring 8; conducts arrest raids in villages around Jenin; bulldozes Palestinian agricultural land nr. Kefar Darom settlement. An elderly Palestinian dies of a heart attack when troops enter her Jenin home. An ailing Palestinian dies when the IDF bars his ambulance fr. crossing a checkpoint. Jewish settlers under the protection of IDF troops take over a building nr. the old city of Jerusalem. (AP, JP, LAW, MM 6/18; AFP, ATL, Interfax 6/18 in WNC 6/19; ATL 6/18, JT, al-Quds 6/19 in WNC 6/20; HP, LAW, MM, NYT, PCHR, UPMRC, WP, WT 6/19; WP 6/20; NYT 6/21; AYM 6/23 in WNC 6/26; MM 6/24, MEI 6/28; New Haven Register 7/3)

In light of the Jerusalem bombing, Bush postpones a speech outlining U.S. policy on the peace process, which he had planned to give today. (WP 6/19; NYT 6/20; AYM 6/20 in WNC 6/24) (see Quarterly Update)

A Hamas suicide bomber detonates a device on a bus in Jerusalem during morning rush hr., killing 18 Israeli Jews, 1 Israeli Arab, injuring 50.
 19 JUNE

The IDF reoccupies Qalqilya, imposes a curfew; Palestinians clash with troops, leaving 2 IDF soldiers, a local PA intelligence chief dead. The IDF continues operations in Jenin r.c. and town, fortifying a temporary IDF base outside the r.c. with 7 trailers, fuel and water trucks to create a barracks; conducting house-to-house searches, ordering all men ages 15+n50 to surrender, using 3 doctors fr. a nearby hospital as human shields; firing a tank shell at al-Razi hospital. The IDF also reinforces tanks around Nablus; conducts arrest raids in Dura, Hebron, Umm Salamona; bulldozes 57 dunams of Palestinian agricultural land nr. Aley Sinai; imposes curfews on villages around Bethlehem. Jewish settlers fr. Aldavid settlement set fire to 50 dunams of Palestinian crops nr. Bethlehem; IDF troops observe but do not intervene. In response to attack in French Hill settlement, the IDF sends troops into Ramallah; helicopter gunships fire missiles at least 5 alleged bomb-making workshops in Gaza City, Jabaliya, Khan Yunis; begins barring Palestinians with West Bank IDs fr. entering Jerusalem; raids a hospital in Shaykh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, sends home 30 employees with West Bank IDs; reportedly rounds up 1,400 Palestinian workers inside the Green Line, sends home 800 Palestinian workers with West Bank IDs. (HP, LAW, NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 6/19; XIN 6/19 in WNC 6/21; MM 6/20, 6/24; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27; JPI, MEI 6/28)

PA Planning M Shaath, still in Washington meeting with U.S. officials, says that he has given the U.S. a 20+n30-page draft constitution for a Palestinian state (i.e., an expanded version of the Basic Law) that reportedly envisions a government headed by a PM, with a ceremonial pres. (WP 6/20)

An AMB suicide bomber, retaliating for the 6/17 assassination of an AMB leader, detonates a device at a bus stop in French Hill settlement in East Jerusalem during evening rush hr., killing 7 Jewish settlers, wounding 40.
 20 JUNE

The IDF reoccupies Beitunia, Bethlehem, Dahaysha r.c.; expands bases there and in Jenin, Qalqilya; conducts raids into Halhul, Tulkarm town and r.c.; raids Shaykh Ajlin, bulldozing Palestinian land, firing on Palestinians working the fields, killing a Palestinian boy; fires on residential areas of Birzeit. The IDF issues a limited call-up of reservists, bars Palestinian workers fr. entering Jewish settlements. In Jenin town, IDF troops evacuate and vandalize a hospital admin. building, throwing a grenade in the foyer, blowing up a safe, spraying the building with heavy machine gun fire, breaking doors, destroying $13,600 of equipment; fire on, seriously damage 2 fire trucks. The IDF reportedly has transferred more than 600 Jenin r.c. residents to Salim detention center for questioning; some 150 are released today, sent to Romani village, are told to stay there for 2+n4 wks. A pregnant Palestinian woman is fatally hit by stray IDF gunfire in her home in Qalqilya. (AFP, AP, HA, LAW, WP, WT 6/20; MA 6/20 in WNC 6/21; XIN 6/20 in WNC 6/24; HA, MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/21; PRCS press release 6/24; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27)

In Jerusalem, Sharon, Israeli pres. Moshe Katsav address a "Transfer Now" conference hosted by the right-wing Moledet party. (Peace Now press release 6/20; MA 6/21 in WNC 6/24)

  Late this evening, a PFLP gunman, retaliating for the arrest of PFLP 2d-in-command Malluh on 6/11, attacks a home in Itamar settlement, killing 4 Jewish settlers and 1 settlement guard, wounding 2 settlers and 2 border policemen before being shot dead. In Gaza, 1,500 unemployed Palestinians who have been cut off fr. their jobs in Israel since 9/00 hold a "March of Hunger," protesting Israeli closures, lack of support fr. the PA.
 21 JUNE

Before dawn, the IDF reoccupies Askar r.c., Balata r.c., Camp No. 1, Nablus, Tulkarm town and r.c.; reinforces troops around Hebron; imposes 24-hr. curfews on Aida r.c., Awarta, Bayt Furik, Bayt Jala, Dayr al-Ghusun, Hawara, Jarushiyya, al-Khadir, Sayta, Shuwayka, al-Til. In Jenin, troops blow up a building, also collapsing a house next door, killing 1 Palestinian boy. Later, an IDF tank opens fire with shells, machine guns on a crowded market in Jenin, killing 4 Palestinians, injuring 26 among 100s who had gathered to shop, believing that the IDF had eased the curfew; 20 cars, 30 stores are also destroyed. (In another neighborhood, 2 children playing in front of their home are killed when the IDF fires a tank round to break up a crowd "violating the curfew," which residents thought had been lifted.) In Shaykh Ajlin, the IDF opens fire on a group of Palestinian children and an AP reporter, killing 1 Palestinian boy. Following a funeral settlers killed on 6/20, Jewish settlers attack the Palestinian village of Hawara (see 6/17), killing 1 Palestinian, firing on and throwing rocks at buildings, setting a car and shop ablaze, attacking journalists. (AP, LAW, WP 6/21; XIN 6/21, MA 6/23 in WNC 6/24; NYT, UPMRC, WP, WT 6/22; HP 6/23; PRCS press release 6/24; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27; MEI 6/28; HA 7/2; BBC, HA 7/5)

The Israeli inner cabinet agrees in principle to expel the families of Palestinian suicide bombers fr. the West Bank to Gaza as a "disincentive for attackers." (NYT, WP, WT 6/22; HP, JPI, NYT 6/23; MM 6/24, 6/27; MEI 6/28)

  In Gaza, Palestinians fire an anti-tank rocket at an IDF post, seriously injuring 1 soldier; the IDF demolishes a naval police post, bulldozes 4.5 dunams of Palestinian land in response. Nr. Erez crossing, a Palestinian throws a grenade at an IDF checkpoint, causing no damage or injuries; the IDF fatally shoots him, also killing 2 Palestinian laborers waiting to cross the checkpoint.
 22 JUNE

The IDF calls up 1,000 reservists in preparation for "crushing and decisive action" against the Palestinians; reoccupies Dura; shells residential areas of Khan Yunis, destroying several Palestinian homes; continues operations in Beitunia, Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus, Qalqilya, Tulkarm; lifts curfews in most areas for several hrs. to allow Palestinians to resupply; lifts curfews entirely in Awarta, Hawara; imposes a 24-hr. curfew on Bayt Sahur. During the curfew break in 2 camps nr. Nablus, troops open fire on Palestinians for unknown reasons, wounding 8. (AFP 6/22; NYT, WP, WT 6/23; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27)

Over 150 people take part in the ground breaking for a new Jewish settlement n. of Jerusalem nr. Kochav Ya'acov. The new enclave is part of a new program to "transplant" entire Jewish communities, with their rabbis, to Israel. A New York rabbi raised the idea in his town, and 25 local families committed to purchase homes in the new settlement. Meretz MK Yossi Sarid offers to find them a safer location inside Israel, but they decline. (INN 6/22) (see 5/19)

 23 JUNE

The IDF calls up another 3,000 reservists; shells a building in Tulkarm r.c., killing 1 PSF officer (children nearby reportedly were stoning the tank); imposes 24-hr. curfews on Abu Dis, Anabta, Araqa, Bayt Jibrin r.c., Bayt Wazzan, al-Funduq, Hashimiyya, Kafr Rumman, Yamun, Zawata; conducts arrest raids and house-to-house searches in Jenin town and surrounding villages, fatally shooting a 2d Palestinian in Yamun; directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at the al-Mawasi checkpoint and residential areas in Dahaysha r.c., Khan Yunis; fire live ammunition, rubber bullets at Palestinians approaching al-Bireh, Jawal, Surda checkpoints into Ramallah; bulldozes nearly 100 dunams of agricultural land n. of Bayt Lahia. An IDF soldier dies of injuries received on 6/15; a Palestinian boy dies of injuries received on 6/21. (HP 6/23; NYT, WP, WT 6/24; RMC 6/24 in WNC 6/25; NYT 6/25; QA 6/25 in WNC 6/26; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27)

  The PA places Hamas spiritual leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin under house arrest, arrests 11 Hamas mbrs. in Gaza.
 24 JUNE

Before dawn, the IDF reoccupies Amari r.c., al-Bireh, Qadura r.c., and Ramallah, surrounding Arafat's offices (placing Arafat under de facto house arrest), arresting 13 PSF officers, meeting no resistance; imposes 24-hr. curfews on Aqaba, Dura, Iktaba, Tamun, Taysir, Tubas, Yatta; fires shells at residential areas of Khan Yunis; continues operations in Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus (fatally shooting 1 Palestinian), Qalqilya, Tulkarm areas; lifts curfews in Jenin, Nablus, Qalqilya for 3 hrs. The IDF assassinates 2 Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades leaders, Yasir Raziq and `Amr Kufa, in Rafah, firing missiles at their taxis, also killing 2 passengers, 2 drivers, injuring 13 bystanders. Jewish settlers stone an ambulance nr. Tulkarm. (BBC, MM, NYT, PRCS press release, WP, WT 6/24; XIN 6/24 in WNC 6/25; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/25; LAW 6/26; PCHR, WJW 6/27; MEI 6/28)

Israeli atty. gen. Elyakim Rubinstein says he will not take legal action against those calling for the "voluntary transfer" of Arabs fr. Israel, saying "voluntary transfer" is "immoral" not illegal. (The 13 Palestinians deported to Cyprus in 5/02 were "voluntarily exiled" as part of a deal brokered by Israel and the PA; see 5/22) (HA 6/24; MM 6/27)

In response to Israeli appeals to local satellite channels to drop coverage of BBC World and CNN International because of their "pro-Palestinian bias" (1 channel replaced CNN with Fox News coverage on 6/20), CNN chief news exec. Eason Jordan arrives in Israel to apologize publicly on behalf of the network, to unveil a special 5-part series on Israeli victims of violence (aired 6/24+n28) and a Web "memorial" to Israeli victims of Palestinian violence. (WT 6/24; NYT 6/25; WJW 6/27; MEI 6/2; see also JTA 6/20, MSNBC 6/21)

After a wk.'s delay, Bush gives a major speech outlining the new U.S. policy toward the peace process. Without mentioning Israel's military escalations, Bush says in effect that the Palestinians must remove Arafat and create a Western-style democracy before the peace process can move forward. The U.S. halts direct dealings with Arafat. Bush's decision to call for Arafat's ouster was reportedly influenced heavily by an Israeli intelligence report he received last wk. (uncorroborated by the CIA) claiming that Arafat authorized a $20,000 payment to the AMB, which carried out the 6/19 suicide bombing. (AP, MM, NYT, WP 6/24; MA 6/24 in WNC 6/25; GS, MM, NYT, WP, WT, YA 6/25; AFP, ATL, Interfax, ITAR-TASS, MENA 6/25 in WNC 6/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/26; AFP, JT, Le Monde 6/26 in WNC 6/27; NYT, WJW, WP 6/27; JT, al-Nahar 6/27 in WNC 6/28; MEI, MM 6/28; NYT, USIS Washington File 6/30; WP, WT 7/1; AN 7/1 in WNC 7/2; JPI 7/5)

Arafat sends the U.S., Arab states a 6-page memorandum outlining an ambitious 100-day reform plan, including plans for presidential and legislative elections in 1/03 and municipal elections in 3/03. (MM 6/24; NYT 6/25; MM 6/26; El Pais 6/26 in WNC 6/27;NYT, WP, WT 6/27; XIN 6/27 in WNC 6/28; AYM 7/1 in WNC 7/3; AYM 7/10, 7/17, 7/21 in WNC 7/23)

In Gaza, Hamas supporters clash with PSF officers enforcing Shaykh Yasin's house arrest, leaving 1 Hamas supporter dead.
 25 JUNE

Before dawn, the IDF sends troops into Palestinian areas in and around Hebron, storming the local PA headquarters, demolishing 1 building in the compound, killing 4 PSF officers, wounding 7, arresting around 200. With the reoccupation of Hebron, 700,000 West Bank Palestinians are under 24-hr. curfew. Curfews are lifted for several hrs. in Bethlehem, Jenin, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Tulkarm. The IDF also makes an incursion into Araba, shooting and seriously wounding an 8-yr.-old Palestinian girl; conducts arrest raids in Rafah, demolishing 2 Palestinian homes completely, 3 partially; fatally shoots a Palestinian who allegedly threw a grenade at an IDF post nr. Qarni crossing, causing no damage or injuries; halts an ambulance transporting 2 wounded Palestinians to a Ramallah hospital, forcing the driver, 1 patient to exit the ambulance for a search. (LAW, UPMRC, WP, WT 6/25; LAW, NYT, PRCS press release, WP, WT 6/26; MM, PCHR 6/27)

Israel begins broadcasting an Arabic language satellite channel. (MEI 6/28; MM 7/10)

 26 JUNE

In Jenin r.c., the IDF fires on children throwing stones at a tank, killing a 6-yr.-old Palestinian boy, wounding a 12-yr.-old; a similar incident in Amari r.c. leaves 2 children wounded. In Hebron, the IDF bulldozes sections of the PA headquarters, shells and fires on others; around 130 PSF officers inside the complex have surrendered since 6/25, 10+n40 are still thought to be inside. The IDF also imposes a curfew on Halhul, Hussam; conducts house-to-house searches in Hussam; bulldozes a PSF post, arrests 22 Palestinians in Tubas; fires on a PRCS medical center in Hebron; lifts curfews on Jenin, Ramallah for several hrs.; lifts curfew entirely on al-Funduq. (LAW 6/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/27)

At the G-8 mtgs. in Canada, Bush presses his view that Arafat must go, says that he would cut off all U.S. aid to the Palestinians if they fail to make structural, leadership reforms. (HA, NYT, REU, WP 6/27; AFP, MA 6/27 in WNC 6/28; MM 6/28; SA 6/29 in WNC 7/1; AN 7/8 in WNC 7/9; MEI 7/12)

 27 JUNE

The IDF continues to shell the PA headquarters in Hebron, threatens to raid the complex if those still inside do not emerge; the IDF claims that 1 of those inside the complex is a senior Hizballah mbr. who slipped in fr. Lebanon to train Palestinians. (Israeli prosecutors also charge a Lebanese-born Israeli, son of a Jewish mother and Shi'i Muslim father, of being a spy for Hizballah.) The IDF fatally shoots 2 Palestinians, wounds 10 during clashes in Balata r.c.; fatally shoots a 9-yr.-old Palestinian child, wounds 3 others in Qalqilya during a temporary lifting of the curfew, later admitting the soldiers fired in error; fatally shoots an 8-yr.-old Palestinian boy in Jenin; raids a PSF jail in Nablus, taking 20 Palestinians, including several naval police officers, into custody; demolishes 10 Palestinian homes in Rafah r.c.; imposes 24-hr. curfews on Anin, Azariyya, al-Bireh, Halhul. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/28)

MK Benny Elon (Moledet), on a lobbying trip to the U.S., says he has received "quiet support" fr. several mbrs. of Congress for his 7-part "Elon peace initiative," based on the idea of the "voluntary transfer" of Palestinians to Jordan, which would become a "Jordanian-Palestinian state." Palestinian refugees would be resettled in their host countries. West Bank and Gaza Palestinians would be given Jordanian-Palestinian citizenship and could remain in their homes, but those who "violate the terms of the plan" would be expelled to Jordan. (JPI 6/27)

 28 JUNE

The IDF blows up the PA headquarters in Hebron on top of 10+n40 Palestinians Israel is "certain" are inside; an initial search turns up no bodies, indicating that, in fact, no one was inside. In Gaza, a Palestinian woman sleeping in a tent is killed by IDF fire. (NYT, PRCS press release, WP, WT 6/29; NYT, WP, WT 6/30; al-Quds 6/30 in WNC 7/3; MM 7/1)

  In Gaza, the PSF allows Hamas's Shaykh Yasin to leave his house arrest, address a demonstration in the city.
 29 JUNE

The IDF enters Halhul; lifts curfews for several hrs. in all areas to allow Palestinians to resupply, students to take their final exams. In Nablus, Palestinian boy with asthma dies fr. inhaling tear gas. Israeli DM Benjamin Ben-Eliezer says he plans to dismantle 20 Jewish settlement enclaves built without permission, which are too small and remote to be protected; at least 9 are uninhabited. (IDF press release, PRCS press release 6/29; HA, WT 6/30; MM, WP 7/1; WJW 7/11)

 30 JUNE

The IDF overtly assassinates senior al-Qassam Brigades mbr. Muhannad Tahir in Nablus, also killing a 2d Hamas mbr. The IDF lifts closures in most areas for several hrs.; orders Palestinian men ages 15+n55 in Amari r.c., Ramallah to surrender for questioning; confiscates a mobile clinic transporting a heart patient to a Ramallah hospital, arresting the patient, the driver; bulldozes Palestinian land in Bayt Lahia, Dayr al-Balah, Shaykh Ajlin; arrests 2 Palestinian journalists working for Reuters for filming international peace activists barring an IDF tank, bulldozer fr. approaching a house in Nablus. The IDF dismantles 2 Jewish settlement enclaves built without Israeli permission; each has only 1 family in residence. (GS, HA, UPMRC 6/30; MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/1; NYT, WT 7/2)

The IDF reportedly transfers 10s of PA security officers detained in the West Bank to Gaza through the Erez crossing at dawn. Palestinian sources claim to have seen several other groups of PSF officers brought into Gaza through the crossing in recent days and apparently freed, suggesting that Israel is quietly implementing plans threatened previously to "deport" to Gaza West Bank Palestinians suspected of plotting or staging attacks on Israeli targets. (AYM 7/3 in WNC 7/8; AYM 7/4 in WNC 7/5) (see 6/21)

  In Lod, a bomb placed on a railroad track explodes, lightly injuring 2 Israelis.



IDF Israeli Defense Forces

PA Palestinian Authority


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