September 2000


18 palestinians killed by israeli action this month
2 israelis killed by palestinian action this month


Sharon sparks the 2nd Intifada and the destruction of the Peace Process

Though the israeli settlements in occupied Palestine are banned by international law, the Israeli Housing Ministry reports that Jewish settlement construction is up 96% during the 1st half of 2000 as compared to the 1st half of 1999.

With the authorization of israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Likud MK Ariel Sharon leads a group of Likud MKs into the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount in Jerusalem under heavy escort and police helicopter guard to assert Israeli sovereignty over the disputed site. 1,000 Israeli riot police are deployed on the buildings surrounding the mosque compound. Sharon attempts to enter the Marwani Mosque (which some Jews consider to be the site of Solomon's stables) but is barred by 200 Palestinians, including several Israeli Arab MKs, who sit peacefully in his path. After Sharon leaves, Palestinians scuffle with and throw stones at police, who fire tear gas and rubber bullets at them.

Sharons visit takes place despite palestinian efforts trying to make the Us put pressure on Israel, not to authorize the provocation. In vain. The next 2 days protest spread to all of Palestine. Israeli soldiers and police use live ammunition. 18 palestinians are killed by israelis. Among them the 12 year old Muhammad al-Dura and an ambulance driver trying to rescue him. The 2nd palestinian Intifada has started, and Sharon has started his quest to crush the peace process.


Israeli actions Negotiations Palestinian actions
Every is one palestinian killed by israeli action   Every is one israeli killed by palestinian action

Egyptian pres. Mubarak flies to Paris to consult with Pres. Chirac on PA-Israeli final status talks, Syrian-Israeli track. (MM 9/4; MENA 9/5 in WNC 9/7; al-Musawwar 9/8 in WNC 9/14)

CIA Dir. George Tenet arrives in Israel fr. Cairo for 2 days of consultations with Barak, Arafat advisers on security and the peace process in advance of Clinton's mtgs. with Arafat, Barak at the UN millennium summit in New York. (MM 9/1)

U.S. special envoy Ross, back in the region, holds separate mtgs. with Arafat, Barak, and PA negotiators Erakat, Dahlan. (MM 9/1; WT 9/3)

A PA military court sentences Hamas mbr. Abu Hanud to 12 yrs. for forming, arming military cells. (LAW, NYT, WP, WT 9/2; WJW 9/7; HJ 9/7 in WNC 9/12; JP, MM 9/8) (see 8/26)


Arafat, his security advisers meet with CIA Dir. Tenet in Ramallah. Arafat then heads to Cairo for talks with Pres. Mubarak. (WT 9/3; MM 9/6)

The PA releases its 1st batch of new text books to replace decades-old Egyptian, Jordanian texts. Israel complains that the new books are biased. (WP 9/3)


CIA Dir. Tenet, Arafat meet again. (MM 9/4, 9/6)

In Cairo, Arab League FMs open a 2-day mtg. focusing on final status arrangements for Jerusalem. Arafat briefs FMs on the Camp David summit, recent developments. (JT 9/10 in WNC 9/12; MEI 9/15)

Lebanon holds the 2d round of parliamentary elections, covering seats allotted to s. districts. Candidates allied with fmr. PM Rafiq Hariri (1992+n98) win 18 of 19 seats in Beirut Hizballah's parliamentary bloc increases fr. 9 to 12 seats. (NYT, WP 9/3; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/4; MM, NYT, WT 9/5; MM 9/6, 9/7, 9/8, 9/11; MEI 9/15)


King Muhammad of Morocco receives Israel's Ben-Ami for talks on the Jerusalem issue. (MM 9/5)

In a surprise declaration at the close of their mtg. in Cairo, Arab League FMs announce plans for heads of state to begin holding a full Arab summit every March beginning in 3/01. FMs will meet again in 10/00 to prepare. (MM 9/4; al-Quds 9/6, JT 9/10 in WNC 9/12)


At an EU mtg. in Strasbourg, PC speaker Ahmad Qurai`, Knesset speaker Avraham Burg offer their personal recommendations for Jerusalem, possibly as trial balloons. Qurai` proposes the whole city be placed under international control, "neither under Israel nor Palestinian sovereignty," until the issue can be resolved. Burg calls for "divine sovereignty," under which Jerusalem "would be not only the capital of Israel . . . but would become the international capital of democracy." (AFP 9/5 in WNC 9/8; MA [Internet], MM 9/6; MM 9/7)


Lebanese residents of Hula on the border with Israel report that the IDF has violated the blue line, confiscating 4,000 m2 of land to build a road. (RL 9/6 in WNC 9/7)

On the sidelines of the UN summit in New York, Clinton meets separately with Barak, then Arafat to discuss ways of advancing the peace talks. The leaders propose various ideas for moving beyond the Jerusalem issue but agree on none. (MM 9/6; HJ 9/6 in WNC 9/7; MM, NYT, WJW, WP, WT 9/7; al-Quds 9/7 in WNC 9/8; CSM, MM, WP 9/8; Arab News [Jeddah] 9/11 in WNC 9/14; NYT 9/12; WJW 9/14; MEI 9/15) (see Peace Monitor)


An Israeli court orders the arrest of 3 Israeli border policemen for detaining, severely beating 3 Palestinian laborers and taking "trophy photos" of the 9/6 assault. The court took action after the Palestinians' employer, an Israeli rabbi, demanded the officers be held accountable. (NYT 9/8; WJW 9/14; WP 9/19)

On the sidelines of the UN mtg. in New York, Egyptian FM Musa holds a 4-way mtg. with the FMs of Jordan, Oman, Qatar on the final status of Jerusalem and inter-Islamic coordination. (MENA 9/8 in WNC 9/12)


In New York, Egyptian FM Musa holds a 2d 4-way mtg. on the final status of Jerusalem and inter-Islamic coordination with the FMs of Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Musa also discusses Jerusalem separately with FM Shara` of Syria, Pres. `Abd al-Rahman Wahid of Indonesia. (MENA 9/8 in WNC 9/12)

In advance of the PLO Central Comm. (PLOCC) mtg. 9/9+n10, 10s of Palestinian refugees in Beirut, Sidon attend demonstrations calling for the right of return. (Daily Star [Internet] 9/9)

In Bayt Furik in the West Bank, reps. of the Arab Liberation Front (ALF), Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Fatah, Hamas, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front discuss the final status of Jerusalem; unanimously call on the PA to uphold the demand for Palestinian sovereignty over all of East Jerusalem. (AYM 9/9 in WNC 9/14)


In Gaza, Arafat opens a 2-day PLOCC meeting on unilateral declaration of statehood, announces that talks with Israel will resume in the region on 9/11 and continue for 4 wks., following a request by Pres. Clinton. (WT 9/9; HJ, al-Quds 9/9 in WNC 9/12; AYM 9/9, al-Quds 9/10 in WNC 9/14; WP, WT 9/10; MM 9/11; JP, MEI 9/15) (see Doc. B1)


Israeli negotiator Sher, PA negotiator Erakat agree on a timetable for negotiations in the coming wks. (MA, al-Quds, VOI 9/11 in WNC 9/14; MM 9/12; WJW 9/28)

For the 2d time in 16 mos., the PLOCC votes (58-15, with 3 abstentions, 53 absent) to postpone plans to declare statehood unilaterally after 9/13. (JT 9/10 in WNC 9/12; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/11; AFP, ATL, AYM, Interfax, al-Quds, VOI, XIN 9/11, MENA, TT, VOI 9/12 in WNC 9/14; HJ, IRNA, al-Quds 9/12, AYM, RMC 9/13 in WNC 9/18; WJW 9/14; JP, MEI 9/15; al-Quds 9/15 in WNC 9/26) (see Peace Monitor)


Israel's Housing Min. reports that Jewish settlement construction is up 96% during the 1st half of 2000 as compared to the 1st half of 1999. Since Barak took office in 7/99 work has begun on 1,384 new settlement housing units in Jerusalem, 540 elsewhere. (MM 9/12)

Lebanese living along the blue line report that the IDF has moved new missile batteries into n. Israel since the Lebanese elections ended on 9/3. (al-Nahar 9/12 in WNC 9/14; MM 9/14 in WNC 9/18)

In Cairo, Arafat briefs Mubarak on the latest developments in the peace process. (MENA 9/11 in WNC 9/14; CSM, NYT 9/12)


Barak briefs Labor/One Israel mbrs. on his plans to try to stave off early elections by forming a coalition government with the Am Ehad, Center, Democratic Choice, Meretz, One Israel, Shinui parties, plus Arab MKs. If that fails, he will consider inviting Likud, Yisrael Ba'Aliya to join. (MM 9/12; VOI 9/12 in WNC 9/14; MM 9/13, 9/15) (see 8/24)

Israeli police announce they have recently arrested 41 Israeli Arabs fr. Umm al-Fahm, 4 West Bank Palestinians on suspicion of forming an illegal organization, arms trafficking, plotting attacks on police and soldiers. (MM, WT 9/13; MA [Internet], MM 9/14)

In New York, U.S. Secy. of State Albright meets with Israel's Ben-Ami, Sher. After this mtg. and a mtg. with Egyptian FM Musa, she phones Arafat to request he send negotiators to the U.S. to meet with the Israelis. The PA agrees but says it is surprised by the change of plans (see 9/9). (MENA 9/12, AYM 9/14 in WNC 9/18; MM 9/18)


In Washington, Ben-Ami briefs U.S. National Security Adviser (NSA) Sandy Berger, the Senate minority and majority leaders, the House International Relations Comm. on the latest developments in the PA-Israeli peace process; calls for upgrading U.S.-Israeli strategic ties, which he stresses should not be conditional on progress on talks with the PA. (MM, WT 9/13; AYM 9/13, Globes 9/14 in WNC 9/18; MM, WP 9/14; MM 9/15, 9/25) (see Peace Monitor)

Nr. Netzarim settlement in Gaza, IDF soldiers, PA police disperse Palestinians throwing stones at passing settler vehicles. No one is injured; 1 car is damaged. (VOI 9/13 in WNC 9/18)

PA negotiators Erakat, Dahlan leave for New York for 2-days of consultations with the U.S. peace team and Israeli negotiators Ben-Ami, Sher. (AYM 9/14 in WNC 9/18)

In Gaza, a dispute btwn. rival Fatah factions erupts into a demonstrations, stone-throwing. (NYT 9/14; SA 9/14 in WNC 9/18; SA 9/17 in WNC 9/26) (see Peace Monitor)


Lebanon reports that Israel is reinforcing troops in Shaba` Farms, now considered by the UN as part of the occupied Golan Heights. (RL 9/14 in WNC 9/18) (see Peace Monitor in JPS 117)

Secy. of State Albright meets with Israel's Ben-Ami. U.S. special envoy Ross meets with the PA's Erakat, Dahlan. Talks focus on how to proceed now that the 9/13 deadline for a final status agmt. has passed without an accord or a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. (WP 9/14; NYT, WT 9/15; AYM 9/16 in WNC 9/25; MM 9/19; WJW 9/21)


In Umm al-Fahm, 70,000 Israeli Arabs attend a rally in support of Palestinian sovereignty over al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. (PASSIA 10/00)


In the West Bank, 2,000 Palestinian refugees fr. Balata camp march in support of the right of return, in memory of the 18th anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila massacre in Lebanon. 300 Palestinian refugees in Dahaysha camp hold a similar rally, after which 50 youths clash with IDF troops guarding Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, leaving 2 Palestinians injured. (AP, REU 9/16; JT [Internet], HA [Internet] 9/17)

In Washington, 4,000 supporters of the Palestinian refugees' right of return stage a rally outside the White House. (REU 9/16; WP 9/17)


Some 150 Lebanese residents of Kafr Shuba cross the blue line into Israeli-controlled territory to protest the occupation of their farm lands, which are part of the Shaba` Farms area. They are halted by the IDF, escorted back to Lebanon without incident. (MEI 9/29)

In Jerusalem, PA, Israeli teams resume informal talks but make no progress. Talks are expected to continue for 4+n5 wks., without U.S. participation. (WT 9/18; CSM 9/19)

In London, 2,000 supporters of the Palestinian refugees' right of return stage a rally like that held in Washington on 9/16. (FOFOGNET Digest [Internet] 9/16; Jewish Chronicle [Internet] 9/22)


Lebanese troops take up posts in Jazzin for the 1st time since it was evacuated by the SLA in 6/99. (MM 9/18, 9/19)


Barak cancels a scheduled mtg. btwn the PA and Israeli peace teams, calls for a "time-out" in peace talks, saying the PA is inflexible and is increasing its demands. Arafat phones Clinton, Albright, Ross, and the leaders of Egypt, France, Jordan, Morocco to complain. By the end of the day, Barak agrees to resume mtgs. on 9/20. (MM 9/19; HA [Internet], JP [Internet], MM, NYT, WT 9/20; al-Quds 9/20, MENA, al-Quds 9/21 in WNC 9/26; MM, WJW 9/21)

In Washington, Pres. Clinton meets with the U.S. peace team to discuss how to proceed. (MM 9/19; HA [Internet] 9/21; SA 9/19, AYM, RMC 9/20, al-Quds 9/21 in WNC 9/26; HJ, SA 9/21 in WNC 9/27; WP 9/22)

In Paris, Israel's Ben-Ami briefs Pres. Chirac on the latest developments on final status talks. The 2 men meet in private with no aides; no details are released. (YA 9/19; AFP 9/19 in WNC 9/26; MM 9/20; HA [Internet] 9/21)


PA, Israeli peace teams hold a "businesslike" mtg. on the peace talks. (MM 9/20; MM, NYT 9/21)

French pres. Chirac phones Arafat to discuss the peace process, especially the Jerusalem impasse. (AFP 9/20 in WNC 9/26) (see 9/19)

PA Planning M Shaath forms a team to draft plans to transform the Min. of Planning and International Cooperation into a foreign ministry, to otherwise standardize the Palestinian diplomatic network. (al-Quds 9/21 in WNC 9/27)


The IDF confirms that the Israeli DMin. has approved a 250-acre expansion of the West Bank settlement of Alfe Menashe; work has already begun. (AP 9/21)

Separately, PA, Israeli officials say talks are on hold while the U.S. decides if it will offer bridging proposals. U.S. NSA Berger says the U.S. is also weighing the possibility of holding another round of summit talks or sending Secy. of State Albright to the region. (MM 9/21; MM, WP, WT 9/22)


The State Dept. announces that it has suspended the security clearance of Amb. to Israel Indyk pending completion of an investigation into whether he mishandled classified material. (NYT, WP 9/23; MENA 9/23 in WNC 9/27; WT 9/24; MM, NYT, WT 9/25; MM 9/26; WJW 9/28; MEI, WT 9/29)

Just 4 mos. after fleeing to Israel during the IDF withdrawal fr. s. Lebanon, 118 South Lebanon Army (SLA) refugees, mostly women and children, return to Lebanon. (RL 9/22 in WNC 9/27; NYT 9/23)

IDF troops fire at a group of Lebanese and foreign journalists, Hizballah mbrs. standing at the Kafr Shuba Gate on the blue line, injuring 1 Hizballah mbr. (RL 9/22 in WNC 9/27)

Arafat rejects a request by Barak for a 1-on-1 mtg., saying there is no point in meeting unless there is a chance for progress. (WT 9/24)


Secy. of State Albright phones Arafat to urge him to meet with Barak. (WT 9/24)

French pres. Chirac phones Egyptian pres. Mubarak to discuss the final status of Jerusalem. (AFP 9/23 in WNC 9/27) (see 9/20)


Barak says that he is prepared to sign a partial agmt. with the PA that would include a comprehensive agmt. on most final status, a time limit for agreeing the rest. The PA rejects the idea of another interim agmt. (WP 9/25; MM 9/26; MEI 9/29)


At Barak's home, Arafat, Barak meet for the 1st time since the Camp David summit. After the 3-hr. mtg., during which Clinton phones Arafat, Israel and the PA announce that their senior negotiators will go to Washington in the next few days to meet with the U.S. peace team, possibly to hold 3-way talks. (MM 9/25; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/26; NYT 9/27)

Israeli chief negotiator Ben-Ami goes to Jordan, Egypt reportedly to promote the idea of entrusting the UN Security Council (UNSC) to resolve competing claims on Jerusalem. (JP [Internet], MM 9/25; NYT 9/26; MM 9/27)

A Knesset comm. approves a draft law that would require an absolute majority of 61 MKs to endorse a decision to turn over land within the present municipal borders of Jerusalem to "a foreign body." (NYT 9/26)

In the Galilee, 1,000 Israeli Arab residents of `Ayn Mahal strike to protest the seizure of 450 acres of their land for the expansion of Jewish Upper Nazareth. (AFP [Internet] 9/25)


The PA peace team led by Erakat and Dahlan, the Israeli team led by Ben-Ami and Sher arrive in Washington; meet separately with U.S. special envoy Ross. Secy. of State Albright says the U.S. will not present bridging proposals. (MA [Internet] 9/27; WJW, WP 9/28)


In Jerusalem, Israeli police inform Waqf officials that Likud MK Sharon has requested to visit the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount on 9/28, just before Rosh Hashanah on 9/29. The Waqf urges against the visit, warning it would be viewed as a political provocation and could spark violence. (MM 9/27)

In Washington, U.S. special envoy Ross holds separate mtgs. with Israeli, PA teams. The PA team asks the U.S. to urge Barak against allowing MK Sharon to visit the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. (WP 9/28; Nightline 10/10)

Israel's Atty. Gen. Elyakim Rubenstein throws out the bribery and corruption case against fmr. Likud PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, clearing the way for Netanyahu's political comeback. Rubenstein says that although the evidence against Netanyahu could not support a conviction, "It is unthinkable that . . . matters should be presented as if everything was proper and clean; far from it." (IsRN, MM 9/27; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/28; MM 9/29; WJW 10/5; JP 10/6)


Nr. Netzarim Junction in Gaza, 2 roadside bombs are detonated as an IDF convoy escorting Jewish settlers passes, injuring 2 soldiers. (MM, NYT, WP 9/28) (see 9/13)


With the authorization of Barak and Ben-Ami (who is also Israel's internal security M), Likud MK Sharon leads a group of Likud MKs into the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount under heavy escort and police helicopter guard to assert Israeli sovereignty over the disputed site. 1,000 Israeli riot police are deployed on the buildings surrounding the mosque compound. Sharon attempts to enter the Marwani Mosque (which some Jews consider to be the site of Solomon's stables) but is barred by 200 Palestinians, including several Israeli Arab MKs, who sit peacefully in his path. After Sharon leaves, Palestinians scuffle with and throw stones at police, who fire tear gas, rubber bullets at them. 24 Palestinians, 25 policemen are injured. Rioting spreads throughout East Jerusalem and to Ramallah, where 6 Palestinians are injured. (IsRN, LAW, MA [Internet], MM 9/28; HJ 9/28, al-Quds, MENA 9/29 in WNC 10/2; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 9/29; WP 10/1; NYT 10/3; WJW 10/5; MEI 10/13)

Rachelim settlement issues tenders for construction of 14 new housing units and related infrastructure. (IsRN 9/28)

In Washington, the Israeli, PA delegations end consultations with the U.S. peace team, return home. (REU 9/28; NYT 10/2; WP 10/22)

In Gaza, another roadside bomb explodes nr. an IDF patrol causing no injuries. An IDF soldier injured by a roadside bomb on 9/27 dies. (WP, WT 9/29)


Palestinian-Israeli clashes sparked by Likud MK Sharon's visit to Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount on 9/28 continue for a 2d day. Palestinian worshipers leaving Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque throw stones at the estimated 2,000 Israeli sharp shooters and riot police surrounding the site, who in turn storm the mosque compound, shooting live ammunition and rubber bullets, killing 4 Palestinians, wounding around 220. At least 2 Palestinians are killed elsewhere in East Jerusalem, and other clashes are reported nr. Bethlehem, in Hebron. Barak meets with his security cabinet to formulate a strategy to contain the violence, calls Arafat to say that "further violence will not be tolerated." Arafat calls Pres. Clinton to urge him to press Barak to pull back forces fr. the holy site. (LAW, MM 9/29; NYT, WP, WT 9/30; HJ, al-Quds 9/30 in WNC 10/2; CSM, HA [Internet], JP [Internet] 10/2; MENA 10/2 in WNC 10/3; MEI 10/13)


PA-Israeli security cooperation in the West Bank deteriorates. In Qalqilya, a PA policeman working on a joint patrol shoots, kills an IDF colleague. Arafat phones Barak to express condolences, promise an investigation. (MM 9/29; NYT, WP, WT 9/30; WT 10/4)

In Wihdat camp in Jordan, 6,000 Palestinian refugees attend a demonstration sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood to protest Israeli actions in Jerusalem. (DUS 9/30 in WNC 10/2; JT [Internet] 10/1)


On the 3d day of rioting, an effort to secure a cease-fire fails, and Palestinian-Israeli clashes spread to almost all Palestinian towns, most IDF checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza, with the Israeli forces reportedly taking harsher actions than on 9/28 or 9/29. While only 8 IDF troops are lightly injured during the day, another 12 Palestinians are killed, more than 500 wounded. The worst fighting takes place outside Nablus, where 8 Palestinians, including 2 PA police officers are killed; and in Gaza, where 200 Palestinians are injured, and 12-yr.-old Muhammad al-Dura and an ambulance driver who tries to rescue him are shot dead. Telephone calls are exchanged among U.S. Secy. of State Albright, Arafat, Barak, Israel's Ben-Ami, Egyptian pres. Mubarak, U.S. special envoy Ross, CIA Dir. Tenet, Russian FM Igor Ivanov, EU officials. Arafat flies to Cairo to meet with Mubarak, EU special envoy Miguel Moratinos. (MENA, RL 9/30, IRNA, ITAR-TASS, JT, MENA, al-Quds 10/1 in WNC 10/2; NYT, WP, WT 10/1; CSM, NYT, WT 10/2; SA 10/2 in WNC 10/3; WJW 10/5; MA 10/6 in WNC 10/10; al-Quds 10/12 in WNC 10/16; MEI 10/13)


In `Ayn al-Hilwa refugee camp in Lebanon, 2,500 Palestinians demonstrate against Israeli actions in Jerusalem. In Cairo, Egyptian students block the train station in protest. (RL 9/30 in WNC 10/2)



IDF Israeli Defense Forces

PA Palestinian Authority


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