October 2000


143 palestinians killed by israeli action this month
10 israelis killed by palestinian action this month


Violent israeli escalation of the conflict, formal suspencion of the peace process, and condemnation around the world of the israeli violence

During the first week of October, 70 palestinians are killed by israelis, and 3 israelis are killed by palestinians. Israel states that its troops have "exercised restraint", and Clinton phones Arafat to urge him to "halt the violence". The US prevents the UN Security Council from preparing a resolution on the situation. After 6 days of debate, the UNSC releases a resolution, that condemns the "excessive use of force" against the Palestinians, but does not mention Israel by name. US threatened to veto any stronger language. Israel ignores the resolution.

The protests against the israeli killings spread to arab towns in Israel, and palestinians are killed there. I the occupied territories armed jewish settlers roam free, killing many palestinians. The situation approaches the pogroms in former centuries in Europe against jews. Only this time, the target is palestinians.

October 12th. 2 israeli soldiers are killed, bringing the total to 6 this month while 85 palestinians are killed. Barak authorizes IDF air strikes against Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah and Gaza, the Palestinian Broadcasting Center in Ramallah, the Gaza port, various PA police stations, including those in Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah. In the US, the response to the violent israeli escalation of the conflict is the following: 96 senators send Clinton a letter urging him to express solidarity with Israel "at this critical moment." Around the world hundreds of thousands protest against the israeli violence.

The UN General Assembly, citing a rule that allows it to take up matters of international peace and security when the UNSC proves unable or unwilling to do so, begins preparing for an emergency session to debate a resolution condemning recent Israeli violence. The US protests.

The UN Human Rights Commission approves (19-16, with 17 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israel for the indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force and calling for an international inquiry into the violation of human rights during the clashes.

The UN General Assembly passes (92-6, with 46 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israel's "excessive use of force" against Palestinians.

Having killed 116 palestinians so far this month, Barak on the 22nd unilaterally suspends the peace process.

IDF soldiers and settlers start to uproot palestinian olive groves. This is a policy that Israel will pursue during the coming years, in an effort to destroy the palestian economy and force the palestinians to leave.

After some days with reduced tension, IDF chief of staff Gen. Shaul Mofaz on the 29th announces that the army will intensify attacks on Palestinian targets, especially Fatah leaders, and using more force against demonstrators. IDF tanks start to fire against demonstrators. One day later Barak orders missile strikes on Fatah offices and Force 17 buildings in al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, and Nablus, destroying them.


Israeli actions Negotiations Palestinian actions
Every is one palestinian killed by israeli action   Every is one israeli killed by palestinian action

On the 4th day of Palestinian-Israeli clashes, another attempt to secure a cease-fire fails, and rioting spreads to Israeli cities, including Acre, Jaffa, Nazareth, Tel Aviv, and Israeli Arab towns across the Galilee. In Umm al-Fahm, 1 Israeli Arab is shot dead by Israeli police, sparking massive rioting. In the West Bank and Gaza, the IDF rolls out heavy weapons--including tanks, antitank missiles, attack helicopters, grenades--to combat stone-throwing Palestinians, resulting in another 12 Palestinian fatalities, over 200 Palestinians wounded. The 1st IDF soldier is killed in street clashes (see 9/29). Jewish settlers in Jerusalem open fire on a Palestinian car, killing a toddler. The IDF places a 24-hr. curfew on Palestinians in Hebron. Israel states that its troops have "exercised restraint," accuses the PA of "orchestrating a campaign of spreading violence for political gain." Clinton phones Arafat to urge him to halt the violence; says that once the fighting stops, he will convene PA, Israeli security officials for a fact-finding session "to figure out what went wrong." (PCHR 10/1; IRNA, MENA 10/1 in WNC 10/2; AFP 10/1, IRNA 10/2 in WNC 10/3; AP, CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/2; HA [Internet], MM, NYT 10/3; MEI 10/13)

On his 1st official visit abroad as head of state, Syrian pres. Bashar al-Asad arrives in Cairo to meet with Pres. Mubarak. Talks touch on bilateral relations, the peace process, Jerusalem. (MENA 10/1 in WNC 10/2, 10/3)

The 1st confirmed incidents of Palestinians shooting at IDF troops take place in Gaza and Ramallah, but no IDF injuries are reported.

In Amman, Jordanians, Palestinians demonstrate against Israel's use of excessive force against Palestinians. (JT 10/5 in WNC 10/6)


Despite another attempt to secure a cease-fire, Israeli-Palestinian clashes in Israel and throughout the West Bank and Gaza continue, leaving 10 Palestinians, 7 Israeli Arabs, 1 IDF soldier, 1 Jewish settler dead and some 300 Palestinians injured; 3 Israeli Arabs wounded on 10/1 also die. Israel closes roads in n. Israel, the West Bank, Gaza to civilian traffic. Around 30 exchanges of gunfire btwn. Israeli security forces and armed Palestinian civilians and police are reported. Nr. Tulkarm, Jewish settlers fatally shoot a Palestinian. The IDF dep. chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon warns that if Palestinians do not stop attacking troops guarding Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, the IDF will move in even though the area is under full PA control; the IDF has taken up positions around areas A but has not crossed into them. Barak authorizes his forces to use "all necessary means" to protect Israeli lives, quell riots. (AP, MM 10/2; AFP, ANSA, EFE [Madrid], Interfax, RL, XIN 10/2 in WNC 10/3; RL, SAPA [Johannesburg] 10/2, JT, HJ, al-Quds, SA 10/3 in WNC 10/6; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/3; HJ, al-Quds, Sabah 10/3, MA 10/6 in WNC 10/10; MM 10/9)

The IDF claims that Muhammad al-Dura, the 12-yr.-old killed at Netzarim Junction on 10/1, had been throwing stones at soldiers before he was shot, contradicting widely broadcast footage of the incident recorded by France 2 TV showing the boy and his father pinned down by gunfire for 45 minutes. The pair were returning from errands and had been dropped off by a taxi, which refused to take them across Netzarim Junction because of heavy IDF fire. (Age [Melbourne], HA [Internet], MM, WP 10/3; MA 10/6 in WNC 10/10) (see Doc. B3)

In New York, the UNSC begins closed-door mtgs. on several draft resolutions regarding the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli clashes. Britain, the U.S. lobby against issuing a resolution, saying, at most, a statement should be read. (UPI 10/3; HA [Internet] 10/4; WJW 10/5)

U.S. secy. of state Albright announces that she will meet with Arafat, Barak in Paris on 10/4 to discuss the clashes, the peace process. All 3 will then meet with Mubarak in Sharm al-Shaykh on 10/5. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/3; Radio France International 10/3 in WNC 10/6)

In Paris, PA Planning M Shaath briefs French pres. Chirac on the ongoing clashes. Chirac calls on both sides to deescalate the violence, calls for an international inquiry into the clashes. (AFP 10/2, 10/3, Le Monde 10/4 in WNC 10/6)

Palestinians set afire an industrial plant owned by Jewish settlers. Nr. Hebron.

In Amman, Arafat, King Abdallah discuss the Israeli-Palestinian clashes, call on Israel to pull back forces to restore calm, and urge Arab states to convene an emergency summit. In Cairo, Mubarak, Syrian pres. Asad also call for an Arab summit. Massive rallies protesting Israeli actions are held in Amman, Cairo, Damascus, refugee camps in Lebanon, Yemen. Protests are also held outside Israeli embassies and legations in many European and North American cities, including Ann Arbor, Austin, Brussels, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New Haven, New York, Ottawa. (AP, BDL, UPI 10/2; MENA 10/2 in WNC 10/3; MENA 10/2, JT, MENA 10/3, JT 10/4 in WNC 10/6; NYT, WP, WT 10/3; AYM 10/3 in WNC 10/12; MM, WT 10/4; WJW 10/5; HJ 10/5, al-Quds 10/7 in WNC 10/10; JP 10/13)


This morning, the IDF begins pulling back reinforcements fr. the West Bank, Gaza after reaching a new agmt. with the PA. Initially, clashes abate, but fighting continues at old hot spots (e.g., Hebron, Nablus, Netzarim Junction, Ramallah, Tulkarm). Within hrs., the IDF sends reinforcements back in, firing antitank missiles and deploying helicopter gunships, tanks against Palestinians, killing 3, injuring 40. In Nablus, 27 Palestinians are injured when and IDF helicopter fires rockets at an apartment building. 1 Palestinian injured last wk. dies. (MM 10/3; AFP, IRNA, MENA 10/3, JT, Le Monde 10/4 in WNC 10/6; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/4; AYM 10/4 in WNC 10/10; MEI 10/13)

The IDF admits that its soldiers fired the shots that killed a Muhammad al-Dura at Netzarim Junction on 10/1 but blames Palestinians for the "cynical use" of children in confrontations with IDF troops. (WP 10/4; NYT 10/5) (see 10/2)

Barak meets with Israeli Arab leaders to "ease concerns about the neglect of their community," agrees to set up a special cabinet comm. to address Arab concerns. Under pressure fr. Israeli Arab MKs, he bans police fr. using live ammunition against Israeli protesters unless there is "clear and immediate danger to life." The Israeli government also releases plans to improve roads in schools in Israeli Arab towns, raise the standard of living of the Arab minority. (MM 10/3; NYT, WT 10/4; MEI 10/13)

Inside Israel, massive demonstrations continue across the Galilee following 2 funerals for Israeli Arabs killed by the Israeli police earlier in the wk.

In Beirut, 20,000 Palestinians, Lebanese march to UN House to protest Israeli actions. Some 10,000 Palestinian refugees demonstrate in camps in Rashidiyya, Sidon, and Tyre. In Amman, Jordanians observe a strike in solidarity with the Palestinians, and Jordanian riot police wield clubs against 100s of stone-throwing demonstrators marching on the Israeli emb. In Norway, some 100 Norwegians take part in a violent protest outside the Israeli emb. in Oslo, burning flags, throwing bottles, breaking windows. Rallies are also reported in Egypt, Greece, Oman, Pakistan, the UAE. In the U.S., anti-Israeli protests are held in Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Francisco, Washington, and outside the CNN offices in Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Toronto. (JP [Internet], MM 10/4; JT 10/4 in WNC 10/6; Daily Star [Internet] 10/5; MM 10/6; MEI 10/13)


Meanwhile, Palestinian-Israeli clashes continue in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel, leaving 9 Palestinians dead, 10s wounded; 2 Palestinians die of wounds received earlier. An Israeli Arab is killed in a clash Israeli police in Kefar Manda in the Galilee. The IDF eases open-fire regulations, permitting soldiers to fire on any vehicles approaching checkpoints and continues to use heavy weapons, but overall the fighting is less intense than in previous days. The most serious clashes are nr. Bethlehem, Jaffa, Nablus, Netzarim Junction. (MM 10/4; ANSA, IRNA 10/4 in WNC 10/6; LAW, NYT, WP, WT 10/5; HJ, Daily Star 10/5 in WNC 10/10; MM 10/9)

In Paris, U.S. Secy. of State Albright, CIA Dir. Tenet meet with Arafat, Barak. After 12 hrs. of talks, joined at times by UN Secy.-Gen. Annan and French pres. Chirac, the sides reach an arrangement under which Barak agrees to withdraw troops to their positions before 9/28, Arafat agrees to try to curb Palestinian rioting, both sides agree to keep people away fr. 3 hot spots (Netzarim Junction in Gaza, Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, and the "circle area" nr. Ramallah). The U.S. had hoped Arafat and Barak would sign a document outlining the agmts., but the Arafat would do so only if the text included provisions for an international inquiry, which Barak rejected. After the mtg. Albright, Arafat leave for Sharm al-Shaykh. Barak returns to Israel, saying there no point in meeting with Mubarak. (MM, REU 10/4; AFP, ATL, Interfax, IRNA, ITAR-TASS, MENA, Yonhap [Seoul] 10/4, AFP, IDF Radio, Interfax, JT, MA, MENA, al-Quds, SA, VOI 10/5 in WNC 10/6; AP, CSM, LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/5; Arab News 10/5, AYM, HJ, MENA 10/6, SA 10/7, MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; MM, WP 10/6; AYM, Le Monde 10/11 in WNC 10/12; MM, WP 10/12; JP, MEI 10/13) (see Peace Monitor)

Protests against Israel's actions are held in Damascus, where 1,000s of students demonstrate outside the U.S. emb.; in Cairo, where 1,500 students demonstrate outside the Israeli emb.; and in Amman, where riot police fire tear gas to disperse 800 protesters marching toward the Israeli emb., injuring 62. In Copenhagen, 5,000 attend a Palestinian solidarity rally. Smaller rallies are staged in Istanbul, London, Rome. In the U.S. demonstrations are staged in Dearborn, Detroit, Madison, Miami, New Haven, Portland. (MENA 10/4 in WNC 10/5; ATL 10/4, JT 10/5 in WNC 10/6; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/5; MENA 10/5, HJ 10/6 in WNC 10/10; MENL 10/11)

The PA releases 12 Hamas political prisoners who had been held without charge in PA jails. Israel says the PA is giving a "green light for terrorism." (HJ 10/5 in WNC 10/6; WP 10/6)

The PC convenes an emergency session in Ramallah, denounces Israel's aggression, calls for an Arab summit. (WP 10/5)

Citing "compelling national security interests," the State Dept. sends Amb. Indyk back to Israel to maintain contact with Israeli officials during the clashes. (WT 10/5) (see 9/22)


In the West Bank and Gaza, the IDF pulls back tanks and some troops fr. major Palestinian cities, and the PSF clears Palestinian protesters fr. major Israeli outposts, implementing the 1st steps of the Sharm al-Shaykh agmts. Some clashes still take place in the West Bank and Gaza (including at Netzarim Junction), leaving 2 Palestinians dead; a 3d Palestinian dies of wounds received earlier. (MM 10/5; MENA 10/5 in WNC 10/6; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/6; DUS, JT, MA, al-Musawwar 10/6 in WNC 10/10; AYM 10/6 in WNC 10/13)

The board of directors of the Israel Broadcast Authority (IBA) agrees to "not provide a stage for the leaders of the Palestinian inciters and rioters and not give excessive voice, exposure, or coverage to radicals" during the clashes. The IBA includes state-run and independent media. (MK Azmi Bishara press release 10/6)

297 SLA mbrs. and dependents who fled to Israel in 5/00 return to Lebanon. (al-Nahar 10/6 in WNC 10/10)

In Sharm al-Shaykh, Albright, Arafat brief Mubarak on the 10/4 Paris talks. Israeli and PA officials meet with U.S. special envoy Ross on the sidelines. (MM, MENA, IRNA 10/5 in WNC 10/6; MM, WP, WT 10/6; AYM, al-Quds, XIN 10/6 in WNC 10/10; AYM 10/11 in WNC 10/12; MEI 10/13)

At Wihdat camp, Jordanian riot police fire tear gas Palestinians protesting Israeli violence to keep them fr. marching out of the camp. Anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. demonstrations are held in Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. Rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in London, Princeton, St. Louis, Toronto. (MM 10/5; REU, UPI 10/6; REU 10/8; MEI 10/13)


Anticipating protests following Friday prayers, Israel seals the West Bank and Gaza, allows plain clothes PA police to deploy in the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount to form a cordon to prevent Palestinians fr. throwing stones. The PA police, Waqf officials largely succeed in restraining the crowd, but when a handful of the 8,000 Palestinian worshipers do throw rocks, Israeli forces open fire, killing 2 Palestinians, wounding 60. At sundown IDF troops raid the Haram al-Sharif to chase off Palestinians, lower a Palestinian flag. In total, 9 Palestinians are killed, 450 injured during the day; a 10th dies of wounds received earlier. (AP, JP [Internet], LAW, MM 10/6; MENA 10/6, IRNA, TT 10/7 in WNC 10/10; NYT, WP, WT 10/7; AYM 10/7 in WNC 10/12)


The largest rally in support of the Palestinians is held in Amman, where 30,000 Jordanians, Palestinians attempt to march on the Israeli emb. but are dispersed by Jordanian police firing tear gas. In Baqa` camp, Jordanian police fire on 2,000 Palestinian demonstrators, killing 1, injuring at least 50. The incidents prompt the government to ban public protests. In Damascus, Syrian police use tear gas to disperse protesters attempting to march to the U.S. emb. In Tunis, Arafat, Pres. Zine Abidine Ben Ali participate in a rally attended by 10,000 Tunisians. Crowds also demonstrate in Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritania, Oman, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Yemen, as well as in Berlin, Canberra, Geneva, the Hague, London, Prague, Reykjavik, and Vienna. In Canada, rallies are held in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, and Windsor. In the U.S., protests are staged in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dearborn, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Ottawa, Phoenix, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Tampa, Washington. (BBC, MM, REU, UPI 10/6; AFP, CTK [Prague], EFE [Madrid] 10/6, JT 10/8 in WNC 10/10; Toronto Star, WP, WT 10/7; al-Quds 10/7, AFP 10/11 in WNC 10/12; REU 10/8; WP 10/10; MM 10/11; Daily Star 10/12 in WNC 10/13; MEI 10/13; SA 10/16 in WNC 10/18; Le Monde 11/7 in WNC 11/8)


Israeli-Palestinian fighting in the West Bank and Gaza abates slightly but escalates again this evening, leaving at least 3 Palestinians dead. The most serious incident is in Nablus, where the IDF, implementing the Sharm agmts., turns over Joseph's Tomb to the PSF. Palestinians celebrating the IDF pullback overrun the PSF, destroy the tomb. In response, armed Jewish settlers roam areas around West Bank settlements, stoning and firing at Palestinian cars, killing 1 Palestinian. Inside Israel, Jews fr. Upper Nazareth rampage through Arab Nazareth throwing stones at Israeli Palestinians, sparking a riot; when Israeli Arabs start to fight back, Israeli riot police intervene, using tear gas and live ammunition, shooting dead 2 Israeli Arabs. In Tiberias, Jews vandalize a historic mosque. The IDF moves tanks into the West Bank to guard the Jewish settlement of Psagot, which has been the target of Palestinian sniping. At Rafah airport, Palestinians fire on a bus Israeli airport workers, injuring 8. Israel shuts the airport. (LAW 10/7; MENA, RL 10/7, al-Quds 10/8, AFP, Le Monde 10/10 in WNC 10/10; ADM, NYT, WP, WT 10/8; MM, NYT, WT 10/9; AYM 10/9, MA 10/10, 10/11 in WNC 10/12; NYT 10/10; WJW 10/12; MEI 10/13; WJW 10/19; WP 10/28)

Barak calls up IDF reservists, sets an ultimatum of 48 hrs. for Palestinians to halt their assaults on IDF outposts, Jewish settlements or "we will regard this as a cessation by Arafat of the peace process, and we will order the army to use all means at its disposal." Barak also says he is considering forming a "unity government" with Likud MK Sharon. (AYM 10/7, al-Quds 10/9 in WNC 10/12; NYT, WP, WT 10/8; AYM 10/8 in WNC 10/13; MM 10/9; Le Monde 10/10 in WNC 10/10; MM 10/11; JP, MEI 10/13)

Nr. Shaba` Farms, IDF soldiers fire across the blue line into Lebanon at 100s of Palestinian refugees staging a protest, killing 2, wounding 15. In response, Hizballah guerrillas cross into Golan Heights, kidnap 3 IDF soldiers; fire rockets at the IDF's Shaba` outpost, injuring 6 soldiers. Barak reinforces the border area, sends Israeli warplanes and attack helicopters into Lebanon to strike Hizballah targets, injuring 4 Lebanese civilians. U.S.'s Albright phones Lebanese pres. Lahoud, Syrian pres. Asad to urge them to intercede with Hizballah to release the IDF soldiers. France, Germany, the Red Cross, Russia, the UN open channels with Hizballah, which demands Israel release at least 19 Lebanese political prisoners (kidnaped by the IDF in Lebanon, held without trial for as long as 20 yrs.) in exchange for the soldiers. (CNN [Internet] 10/7; RL 10/7, AYM 10/8, Interfax 10/9, Le Monde 10/10 in WNC 10/10; NYT, WP, WT 10/8; Manar TV [Internet], MM, NYT, WT 10/9; al-Quds 10/9, DUS, al-Safir 10/10 in WNC 10/12; MM, NYT, WP 10/10; NYT, WJW, WP 10/12; JP, MEI 10/13; JP 10/27, 11/3)

After 6 days of debate, the UNSC passes (14 to 0, with the U.S. abstaining) a watered down resolution that condemns the "excessive use of force" against the Palestinians but does not mention Israel by name. U.S. Amb. Richard Holbrooke threatened to veto stronger language. (AP 10/7; NYT, WP, WT 10/8; AYM 10/8 in WNC 10/13; MM, NYT, WT 10/9; CSM, WP 10/10; MEI 10/13) (see Doc. A2)


In Amman, Jordanian police open fire on Palestinian refugees demonstrating for the closure of the Israeli emb., killing 1, arresting 97. Demonstrations condemning Israeli violence, U.S. support of Israel are held in Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, France, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, the UAE, and Yemen. In the U.S., rallies are held in Albuquerque, Dearborn, New York. (BBC, al-Jazeera TV [Internet] 10/7; AFP, ATL, MENA 10/7, JT 10/8 in WNC 10/10; Daily Star 10/12 in WNC 10/13; Gulf News [Internet], NYT 10/8; MM 10/11; AYM 10/11 in WNC 10/12; MEI 10/13)


As Israeli-Palestinian fighting continue as Israel marks Yom Kippur. Barak warns if clashes continue, the IDF's will begin targeting Arafat's offices, PA police stations, top cmdrs.; Israel may implement a "sanctions package" (including, sealing the West Bank and Gaza, halting all monetary transfers). At Netzarim Junction, the IDF demolishes 2 apartment buildings formerly used as PA police barracks, a factory, an office, several homes, a water well, and an 20-dunam orange grove. A settler rabbi is found shot to death in a West Bank cave. Armed Jewish settlers enter Palestinian areas of East Jerusalem and Hebron, Bidya, Husan, Salfit, Shuafat camp, burning shops, beating Palestinians, shooting at houses, and wounding at least 8 Palestinians, 1 of whom bleeds to death as settlers hold off ambulances with gunfire. Inside Israel, Jewish residents of Upper Nazareth attack Israeli Arabs, property in Nazareth. (ADM, LAW, REU 10/8; Interfax 10/8 in WNC 10/10; Gush Shalom press release, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/9; HA [Internet], MM, WP 10/10; MA 10/10 in WNC 10/12; HA [Internet] 10/11; MEI, NYT 10/13; LAW 10/19; Globes [Internet] 10/25)

Lebanon places its forces on alert as Israel reinforces troops on the blue line, conducts overflights of Beirut, and warns Hizballah, Lebanon, and Syria of "decisive action" if Hizballah does not release the 3 IDF soldiers kidnapped on 10/7. Saudi Arabia warns Israel that Arab states will not sit idly by if Barak follows through on his threat. (NYT, WP, WT 10/9; MM 10/10; MEI 10/13)


Pres. Clinton asks Mubarak to convene a summit where they could meet with Arafat, Barak. None of the 3 leaders immediately embraces the idea. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/9; MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; AYM 10/10 in WNC 10/12)

In Gaza, Arafat meets with the Executive Authority and reps. of Hamas, Islamic Jihad to coordinate a joint response to Barak's latest warnings. (NYT 10/9; HJ, MA 10/10 in WNC 10/12; MM 10/11)

The PA releases 5 Hamas mbrs. fr. PA jails. Hamas says 23 mbrs. have been freed in recent days. (AYM 10/9 in WNC 10/12; AYM 10/12 in WNC 10/13) (see 10/4)

Jordan announces that it will postpone sending its newly appointed amb. to Israel to protest Israel's excessive use of force against Palestinians. (WP 10/9; MM 10/10; HA [Internet] 10/11)

In Morocco, 500,000 people march to protest Israel's recent actions. In Amman, 100s of Jordanian students attempt a march to the U.S., Israeli embs. but clash with riot police; at least 5 are injured, 10 arrested. In Beirut, 25,000 Lebanese and Palestinians march in funeral processions for 2 Palestinians shot by IDF on the blue line on 10/7. In Cairo, 9,000 Egyptian students hold a rally. Demonstrations continue in Australia, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen. In the U.S., protests are held in Albuquerque, Anaheim, Kansas City. (UPI 10/8; MENA 10/8, JT 10/9 in WNC 10/10; MM 10/9; Daily Star [Internet], NYT, WP 10/9; TT 10/10 in WNC 10/12; MEI 10/13)


Barak extends indefinitely his 48-hr. deadline for Arafat to halt Palestinian riots passes in light of international mediation efforts. Clinton, Albright spend the day on the phone, discussing with Arafat, Barak, Mubarak, various EU leaders ways of halting the violence. UN Secy.-Gen. Annan, Russian FM Ivanov meet with Barak in Tel Aviv, Arafat in Gaza. Arafat goes to Cairo to confer with Mubarak. (MM, NYT, WT 10/9; Interfax, IRNA, MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; Interfax 10/9, Le Monde 10/10 in WNC 10/10; MENA 10/9, DUS 10/10, MA 10/11 in WNC 10/12; HA [Internet], CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/10; WJW 10/12; MEI 10/13)

Meanwhile, Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue throughout the West Bank and Gaza and inside Israel. The IDF extends the West Bank-Gaza closure indefinitely, cancels all permits issued to Palestinians working in Israel. 100s of Israeli Jews fr. Upper Nazareth rampage through Arab Nazareth, firing automatic weapons and wielding clubs, injuring 50 Israeli Arabs, damaging homes and shops. Israeli police break up the ensuing riot, firing tear gas and rubber bullets. 2 Israeli Arabs are shot dead with live ammunition either by Jews or the police. In Tel Aviv, 500 Israeli Jews attack Arab apartment buildings, set Arab-owned stores on fire. In Jaffa, Israeli Jews set fire to 2 mosques, a number of Palestinian homes. In East Jerusalem, Jewish settlers attempt to vandalize the Latin Patriarchate Church. In the West Bank, 2 Palestinians are found dead, both apparently killed by Jewish settlers avenging the murder of a rabbi on 10/8 (1 is later judged by international experts to have died in a car accident). 2 Palestinians die of injuries received earlier. (Gush Shalom press release, MM 10/9; AYM 10/9, MA 10/10 in WNC 10/12; ADM, LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/10; WJW 10/12; MEI 10/13)


10,000 Kuwaitis rally in solidarity with the Palestinians. Smaller rallies are held in Canada, Egypt, Italy, and the UK, as well as in Chicago. (MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; MM, WP 10/10; MEI 10/13; MM 10/17)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate somewhat. Inside Israel, Israeli Jews stab to death 2 Israeli Arabs nr. Tel Aviv, set fire to 3 Arab apartment buildings in Jaffa, and set fire to 3 Palestinian homes and a Jewish-owed restaurant that employed Palestinians in Tel Aviv. Clashes btwn. Israeli Jews and Arabs are also reported in Haifa, Tiberias, and Acre, where Israeli police intervene, firing tear gas and live ammunition, wounding 1 Israeli Arab. (Israeli police say they have arrested some 400 Israeli Arabs, 200 Israeli Jews since clashes began.) Jews fr. West Jerusalem damage Palestinian property in East Jerusalem. In Gaza, the IDF demolishes another apartment building in Netzarim Junction, which was evacuated earlier because it had been hit by IDF shells. Jewish settlers reportedly attack Palestinians in Hebron, Khan Yunis, Rafah and outside Jinin, Nablus, Ramallah; some incidents involve settlers firing automatic weapons. In Rafah, a 12-yr.-old Palestinian is shot dead by the IDF. Nr. Ramallah, IDF soldiers wound a Palestinian ambulance driver with live ammunition. (ADM, BBC, MM 10/10; ADM, MM, NYT, WP 10/11; AFP 10/10, MA 10/11, Le Monde 10/12 in WNC 10/12; MM, WJW, WP 10/12; MEI 10/13; WP 11/30)

Citing "compelling national security interests," the State Dept. restores Amb. to Israel Indyk's security clearance. (NYT, WT 10/11; WJW 10/12) (see 10/4)

International mediation efforts continue, with UN Secy.-Gen. Annan, Russian FM Ivanov, EU foreign policy dir. Javier Solana each meeting separately with Arafat, Barak. Egypt's Musa flies to Damascus to confer with Syrian pres. Asad, who phones Arafat to express Syrian support. Mubarak also phones Arafat and rejects Clinton's proposal (10/8) for a summit in Egypt, saying Israel must 1st agree to pull its troops back fr. PA areas, stop threatening Lebanon and Syria (see 10/8), bar official Israeli visits to the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount, agree to an international inquiry. (ATL, Interfax, ITAR-TASS, MENA, XIN 10/10 in WNC 10/12; CSM, MM, NYT, WP 10/11; Milliyet 10/11, al-Quds 10/12 in WNC 10/13; CSM, WJW 10/12)

Protests in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in Brussels, Cairo, Madrid. In the U.S., rallies are held in Ann Arbor, New Haven. (RL 10/10 in WNC 10/12; WT 10/11)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue for the 13th straight day, leaving 3 Palestinians dead, 185 injured. The most severe exchanges are outside Nablus, where a mosque is torched, allegedly by Jewish settlers, and Palestinians throw stones a funeral procession for a Jewish settler. IDF troops and helicopters escorting the funeral procession respond with gunfire, call in extra attack helicopters, tanks. The riot degenerates into a gunfight btwn. the PA police and IDF and armed Jewish settlers. The IDF also deploys attack helicopters against Palestinian gunmen nr. Bethlehem. In Hebron, 1 IDF soldier is shot, seriously wounded. Israeli border police prevent an ambulance fr. taking 4 seriously wounded Palestinians into Jordan for treatment. (ADM, LAW, REU 10/11; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/12; JT 10/12 in WNC 10/16; JT 11/9 in WNC 11/13)

Barak, Dep. DM Sneh present the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Comm. with a detailed "disengagement plan" to be implemented if Israel determines that the peace process has totally collapsed. (MM, YA 10/12) (see Peace Monitor)

International mediation efforts continue. UN Sec.-Gen. Annan extends his stay in Israel to meet again with Arafat, Barak. British FM Robin Cook, Russian FM Ivanov, the EU's Solana, Norwegian FM Thorbjoern Jagland also meet with Barak, Arafat. Solana then holds talks with Mubarak in Cairo, King Abdallah in Amman. Russian FM Ivanov goes to Damascus to meet with Syrian pres. Asad, FM Shara`. Mubarak phones Arafat, King Abdallah; receives calls fr. Annan, Turkish pres. Ahmet Necdet Sezer. (Interfax, ITAR-TASS, LPA, MENA 10/11 in WNC 10/12; MENA 10/11, ATL, LPA, al-Safir 10/12 in WNC 10/13; WP, WT 10/12)

In Ramallah, 1,000s of Palestinians take part in a candle-light vigil calling for a halt to the violence. In the U.S., rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in Kalamazoo, New York. (ADM, LAW, REU 10/11)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate again. In Ramallah, 2 IDF reservists--"at least partially in uniform," driving a private vehicle, most likely armed--stray deep into area A, cross paths with a funeral procession. The crowd, assuming the soldiers are on an undercover operation, attack them and set their car afire. (Some reports say a body burned beyond recognition, possibly a 3d IDF soldier, is found in the vehicle.) PA police intervene and take the 2 reservists into protective custody, removing them to a nearby police station. When news of the incident spreads, 1,000s of Palestinians descend on the station (manned by 21 officers), break in, and kill the soldiers, injuring 15 policemen in the process. Declaring that the PA has "crossed the line," Barak seals borders with Egypt and Jordan, authorizes IDF air strikes against Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah and Gaza, the Palestinian Broadcasting Center in Ramallah, the Gaza port, various PA police stations, including those in Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah. When the strikes occur, Arafat is in his Gaza office waiting for CIA Dir. Tenet to arrive to discuss the possibility of convening the U.S.-Israeli-PA trilateral security comm. (formed in 1998) to explore ways of halting the violence. Neither Arafat nor Tenet is injured, but 43 Palestinians are wounded. In Gaza City, Palestinians pack belongings into cars, prepare to flee. In Jericho, Palestinians set fire to a 6th-century synagogue. Jewish settlers attack, fire on Palestinian cars nr. Bethlehem, Jinin. In retaliation, IDF helicopters fire rockets at the PA police academy in Jericho. During the Israeli air strikes, the PA releases around 60 Hamas, Islamic Jihad prisoners for their safety. (ADM, AP, LAW, MM, NYT 10/12; ATL, AYM, IRNA, LPA, MENA, XIN 10/12 in WNC 10/13; MENA, XIN 10/12, SA 10/13 in WNC 10/16; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/13; WP, WT 10/14; MENA 10/16 in WNC 10/17; WJW 10/19; JP 10/20; MEI 10/27; MA 11/6 in WNC 11/9)

In Yemen's port of Aden, a small, explosive-laden boat rams the USS Cole, an Aegis destroyer in port for refueling, killing 17 U.S. servicemen, injuring 35. (AP, MM 10/12; AFP [Internet], CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/13; NYT, WP, WT 10/14, 10/15, 10/16; MEI 10/27)

In the U.S., the primary concern of the public, government, and media is the attack on the USS Cole, while Israel's attacks on the Palestinian infrastructure, PA offices are viewed as a limited military response to the death of Israeli soldiers in PA custody, if not at the hands of the PA. Clinton, Albright express outrage over the murder, call on both sides to halt the violence. Clinton says he appreciates Palestinian frustration, but "there can be no possible justification for mob violence." 96 senators send Clinton a letter urging him to express solidarity with Israel "at this critical moment." (NYT, WP, WT 10/13; MEI, MM 10/27; MEI 11/10) (see Doc. D4)

At the UN, U.S. Amb. Holbrooke warns Arab, nonaligned diplomats they may "jeopardize" relations with the U.S. if they push for a special session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to censure Israel, for a UNSC res. calling on Israel to cease hostilities. (TT 10/12 in WNC 10/13; MM 10/13; NYT, WP 10/14)

Mubarak invites Arafat, Barak, Clinton to Sharm al-Shaykh for a summit. Mubarak also meets with King Abdallah of Jordan on the escalating crisis, upcoming Arab summit. (MENA 10/12 in WNC 10/13; MM, NYT, WP 10/13)

In Biarritz, France, Pres. Chirac convenes an emergency EU mtg. to discuss the escalation of Israeli-Palestinian violence, implores both sides to halt the fighting. (MM 10/13; AFP, EFE [Madrid] 10/13 in WNC 10/16; WP 10/14; SA 10/15 in WNC 10/17)

UN Secy.-Gen. Annan, in Lebanon to discuss the Hizballah kidnapping of 3 IDF soldiers, cuts short his visit, returns to Israel to try to calm the situation. (WP 10/13)

The Arab League denounces the Israel air strikes, warns that "all options" are open to the Arab world if the escalation continues. In Cairo, angry crowds march through the streets demanding Egypt take military action against Israel. In Beirut, demonstrations break out on university campuses. Elsewhere in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria--including in the Palestinian camps--the streets are quiet; the governments release no official statements on events but heighten visibility of police, military. Anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. demonstrations are noted in Indonesia, South Africa. In the U.S., demonstrations are held in Boston, Dearborn, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Raleigh, San Diego, Washington. In France, numerous acts of anti-Jewish vandalism, including attacks on synagogues, are noted in Lille, Paris, Rouen. (AP 10/12; AFP [Internet], WP 10/13; JT 10/13 in WNC 10/16; WP 10/14)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue but are less severe, largely because overnight the IDF deployed tanks on access roads to and around PA cities, sealing areas A, limiting movement. During the day, 2 Palestinians are killed by Israeli gunfire, over 160 are injured. Israel prohibits Palestinians under 45 fr. attending Friday prayers in Jerusalem, prompting scuffles with those denied access but preventing the full-scale rioting of 9/29, 10/6. In Jerusalem, cameramen record footage of Israeli police disguised as Palestinians seizing 2 Palestinian youths, beating them while holding them in a choke hold. Armed Jewish settlers rampage through Husan, fire on Palestinian homes in Artas, Bayt Inun, al-Khadir. (AP, IsRN, LAW 10/13; ADM, LAW, NYT, WP, WT 10/14; HA [Internet] 10/15)


In Gaza City and Shati camp, 100s of Palestinians hold rallies denouncing the PA for the failed peace process. The rallies devolve into riots, with demonstrators torching cars, bars, hotels, restaurants; the PA police arrest 16.

Oman closes its trade office in Tel Aviv, Israel's trade mission in Muscat. Morocco recalls its envoy to Israel. In Cairo, 10,000 Egyptians hold anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. demonstrations. In Lebanon, the army keeps Palestinians away fr. the blue line, where they want to hold demonstrations. However, 6,000 Palestinians in `Ayn al-Hilwa camp, 3,000 in Beddawi camp, 5,000 in Nahr al-Barid camp, 7,000 in Rashidiyya camp demonstrate against Israel. In Amman, 8,000 Jordanians attend a government-sanctioned rally; a smaller, unauthorized demonstration takes place spontaneously following Friday prayers. In the U.S., rallies are held in Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Petaluma (CA), Philadelphia, Santa Ana (CA), San Francisco, Washington. Similar demonstrations are held in Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia, Canada, Djbouti, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan, Scotland, Sudan, Syria. (AFP [Internet], BBC, Los Angeles Times [Internet], MM, Omani News Agency [Internet], REU, UPI 10/13; AFP, BETA [Belgrade], MENA 10/13, MENA 10/14 in WNC 10/16; Daily Star [Internet], NYT 10/14; HA [Internet], NYT 10/15; MM 10/17; WJW 10/19; WP, WT 10/20; MM 10/24, 10/25; WJW 10/26; MEI 10/27)


As Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, UN Secy.-Gen. Annan announces that Arafat, Barak have dropped preconditions and agreed to meet with Pres. Clinton, Mubarak, King Abdallah, EU foreign policy dir. Solana on 10/16 in Sharm al-Shaykh. In Gaza, 1,000s of Hamas supporters urge Arafat not to attend. (NYT, WP, WT 10/15)

Anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. protests are reported in France, India, Indonesia, Scotland, South Africa, the UK. In U.S., rallies are held in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco. (Times [London; Internet] 10/14; AFP 10/14 in WNC 10/16; SAPA [Johannesburg; Internet], NYT, WP 10/15)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue at the same lower rate as they have since 10/12, causing no fatalities. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF begins digging trenches, installing barricades at crossing points btwn. Israeli-, PA-controlled areas. The PA reportedly arrests 34 Hamas mbrs. in the West Bank, Gaza. (LAW 10/15; Gulf News [Internet], Khalij Times [Internet] NYT 10/16)


Hizballah announces it has taken a 4th IDF soldier hostage. The IDF confirms that Col. Elhanan Tennenbaum (res.) was in Switzerland on business when he "disappeared on his own initiative on personal circumstances a wk. ago." (ADM, REU, WP 10/15; MM, NYT, WT 10/16; MM 10/17; MA 10/17 in WNC 10/18; Daily Star [Internet] 10/19; MEI 10/27)

2 IDF soldiers are lightly wounded by gunfire across the Jordanian border. (WP 10/15)

In Sydney, Australia, a rally in support of the Palestinians turns violent when 20+n50 of the 2,500 protesters attempt to storm the U.S. consulate. Rally organizers quickly get the crowd under control and the demonstration disperses without police intervention. Other pro-Palestinian rallies are held in Madrid, San Diego, Washington. (AFP 10/15 in WNC 10/16)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue at the same level of the past few days, with most clashes occurring on the outskirts of Palestinian cities, which are encircled by IDF troops. 2 Palestinians are killed by Israeli gunfire; 1 Palestinian dies of illness after being denied access to medical treatment by the IDF for 2 days because of the internal closure; 190 Palestinians are injured. The IDF expands its Netzarim Junction base, begins clearing agricultural land along roads nr. Khan Yunis. (ADM, LAW 10/16; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/17; Globes [Internet] 10/25)

Arafat, Barak, Clinton, Mubarak, King Abdallah, the UN's Annan, the EU's Solana meet in Sharm al-Shaykh. Talks continue for 16 hrs., stretching past midnight, without success. A separate, very heated mtg. is held among Secy. of State Albright, Israel's acting FM Ben-Ami, the PA's Local Government M Erakat, Egyptian FM Musa to draft an outline of the rules of disengagement. (MM 10/16; ITAR-TASS, MENA, RL 10/16 in WNC 10/17; al-Quds 10/16, JT 10/17 in WNC 10/18; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/17; AYM 10/17 in WNC 10/9)

The UNGA, citing a rule that allows it to take up matters of international peace and security when the UNSC proves unable or unwilling to do so, begins preparing for an emergency session to debate a resolution condemning recent Israeli violence. U.S. Amb. Holbrooke protests. (WT 10/17; WP 10/18; WJW 10/19; MEI 10/27) (see 10/12)

In Gaza, Fatah, Hamas stage demonstrations against Arafat's participation in the Sharm al-Shaykh talks. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, hold similar protests in `Ayn al-Hilwa, Baalbek, Tyre. In Iran, 1,000s of students march to the local UN offices to urge UN support for the Palestinians, condemnation of Israel. Smaller rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in Amman, Ankara, Tokyo. In the U.S., demonstrations are held in Madison, San Francisco. (UPI 10/16; ATL, RL 10/16 in WNC 10/17; JT 10/17 in WNC 10/18)

Hizballah says that Tenenbaum, the 4th IDF solider taken captive, approached Lebanese contacts in Europe, claiming to be an intelligence agent for a country other than Israel. He was lured to Beirut, traveling on a fake passport, on the pretense of meeting with a Hizballah official. Israel does not comment. At the request of Shin Bet, the Israeli High Court imposes a ban on publishing information about the affair. (NYT, WP 10/17; WJW 10/19) (see 10/15)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate. Nr. Itamar settlement, Jewish settlers open fire on a Palestinian family harvesting their olive crop, killing 1, wounding 3. A PA policeman is killed by IDF fire in Gaza. A 3d Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. Settlers fr. Itamar fire on Palestinian homes in neighboring Hawara village, attack a Palestinian ambulance driver. (ADM, LAW, MM, PCHR, REU 10/17; MENA 10/17, al-Quds 10/18, MA 10/19 in WNC 10/19; ADM, Bahrain Tribune [Internet], CSM, HA [Internet], LAW, NYT, WP, WT 10/18; WJW 10/19; HJ 10/24, MENA 10/25 in WNC 10/30)

After several more hrs. of talks among Arafat, Barak, Clinton, Mubarak, King Abdallah, Annan, and Solana, Clinton announces that Arafat, Barak have agreed on steps toward halting the clashes. No details are released. The agmts. are oral and reportedly are vague, not giving an order of who is to take what step 1st. The sides agree that Clinton will appoint an international inquiry comm. to investigate the recent clashes. The U.S. for the 1st time acknowledges that Arafat "may not have control of everything" but still says it expects a cessation of violence "within hours." (AFP [Internet], MM, REU 10/17; ATL, Interfax, MENA, RL 10/17 in WNC 10/18; LAW, NYT, WP, WT, YA 10/18; JT, al-Quds, SA 10/18, Le Monde 10/19 in WNC 10/19; WJW 10/19; JP 10/20; MEI 10/27; MA 11/6 in WNC 11/9) (see Doc. D5)

Palestinian gunmen fire at Gilo settlement, critically wounding an Israeli border policeman. IDF tanks fire on the neighboring Palestinian village of Bayt Jala in retaliation.

Hamas's Shaykh Ahmad Yasin, West Bank Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti say their supporters will continue the uprising despite the Sharm agmts. The DFLP, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issue similar statements. Palestinians in Bethlehem, Gaza City, Nablus, Qalqilya, Ramallah demonstrate against the Sharm mtg. 1,000s of Egyptian students in Cairo, 7,000 Palestinian refugees in Tripoli, Lebanon, hold similar demonstrations. A rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people is held in New York. (ADM, LAW, MM, PCHR, REU 10/17; RMC 10/17 in WNC 10/18; MENA 10/17, al-Quds 10/18, MA 10/19 in WNC 10/19; ADM, Bahrain Tribune [Internet], CSM, HA [Internet], LAW, NYT, WP, WT 10/18; WJW 10/19; HJ 10/24, MENA 10/25 in WNC 10/30)


Despite political attempts at peace, Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue unabated, with the IDF continuing to fire live ammunition at Palestinians, but causing no fatalities. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In a joint operation, Shin Bet and IDF special forces capture 8 Palestinians suspected in the killing of the IDF reservists in Ramallah on 10/12. The PA says the 8 may have been taken in area A, which would be the 1st incursion into area A since clashes began. In Gaza, 2 roadside bombs explode as a convoy of Jewish settlers under IDF escort pass, causing no injuries. In Gaza, the IDF clears 35 dunams of woodland along the road to Erez checkpoint. (Abu Dhabi TV [Internet], ADM, BBC, MM, PCHR, UPMRC press release 10/18; HA [Internet], MM, NYT, WP, WT, YA 10/19; Globes [Internet] 10/25)

Israeli, PA, U.S. security officers meet to discuss implementing Sharm agmts. Although Israeli officials for the 1st time acknowledge that Arafat does not have "monolithic control" over Palestinian protesters, Israel expects "total tranquility" by the afternoon of 10/20, is still working on plans for a unilateral separation fr. the Palestinians. (REU 10/18; NYT, WP 10/19; HA [Internet] 10/20; MENL, NYT 10/22)

In implementation of the Sharm agmts., the PA releases a statement, read on Palestinian TV, urging Palestinians to "refrain from anything that would lead to tension or violence and to work to calm down the situation." Barak orders IDF troops to do their utmost to avoid causing casualties. By the end of the day, Israel lifts the internal closure on areas A, pulls tanks back fr. Nablus, reopens border crossings with Egypt and Jordan, and reopens the Gaza airport (see 10/7). Hamas reports that the PA has rearrested all mbrs. released since 9/28, plus others. (MM, PCHR 10/18; NYT, WP, WT 10/19; MEI 10/27)

Rallies protesting Israeli actions are held in Canada, Italy, Portugal. In the U.S., similar demonstrations are held in Providence, San Francisco. (Diario de Noticias 10/18 in WNC 10/19)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, dimming hopes that a cease-fire will take hold. The worst fighting is around Nablus, where the IDF escorts a group of 40 Jewish settlers on a hike nr. Aksar al-Balad refugee camp to view, among other things, the remains of Joseph's Tomb (see 10/7). 4 of the settlers reportedly open fire on the camp, prompting PA police to fire back, sparking an exchange of gunfire. The IDF warns Palestinians to evacuate areas of Nablus, then sends attack helicopters to cover and extract the settlers. During the 7-hr. exchange, 1 settler, 1 Palestinian are killed and 3 settlers, 15 Palestinians injured. In Bethlehem, an explosion at a Force 17 building, apparently caused by a gas leak, kills 3 Palestinians, injures several others. Around Gush Katif settlement, the IDF bulldozes 72 dunams of land, 2 walls surrounding Palestinian homes. Under heavy IDF guard, Israeli mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert, along with New York City council mbr. Noach Dear, attends a house warming celebration for a Jewish settler family that just acquired property in Palestinian East Jerusalem. (AP 10/19; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/20; NYT 10/21; Globes [Internet] 10/25; JP 10/27; MM, WJW 11/16)


Protests against Israeli actions are held in Boston, Ottawa, Washington. (al-Awda Internet news group 10/19)

The UN Human Rights Commission approves (19-16, with 17 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israel for the indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force and calling for an international inquiry into the violation of human rights during the clashes. (BDL 10/20; MEI 10/27) (see Peace Monitor)


Israel-Palestinian clashes escalate to the highest point in 2 wks., leaving 10 Palestinians dead, some 400 wounded. Barak vows to halt the peace process officially on 10/23 if the violence has not ceased by the end of the 10/21+n22 Arab League mtg. Israel again restricts Palestinian access to Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque. The IDF fire shells fr. helicopter gunships and tanks, bars ambulances fr. reaching the injured, fires on at least 1 ambulance. The most severe clashes are around Nablus, Ramallah. Nr. Ma'ale Amos settlement nr. Bethlehem, armed Jewish settlers prevent Palestinian farmers fr. harvesting their crops. In Bayt Sahur, the IDF demolishes a Palestinian home. (ADM, MM, NYT 10/20; HA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT 10/21; MEI 10/27)

IDF troops fatally shoot 1 man, possibly 2, attempting to sneak across the blue line fr. Lebanon. (NYT, WT 10/22; MM 10/23; MEI 10/27)


Demonstrations in support of the Palestinians are reported in Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan. In the U.S., similar rallies are held in Chicago, Omaha, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco. (Newsday [Internet] 10/21; Bahrain Freedom Movement press release 10/25)

The UNGA passes (92-6, with 46 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israel's "excessive use of force" against Palestinians. (WT 10/20; NYT, WP, WT 10/21; ANSA 10/25 in WNC 10/30; ANSA 11/7 in WNC 11/9; Hurriyet 11/9 in WNC 11/13) (see Doc. A4)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue unabated, leaving 4 Palestinians dead, more than 60 injured, mostly in Gaza. The IDF bars an ambulance fr. taking a seriously wounded Palestinian into Jordan for treatment. Jewish settlers fr. Beitar Ilit assault Palestinians harvesting their olive grove; the IDF intervenes, forcing the Palestinians to leave. (ADM, LAW 10/21; NYT, WP, WT 10/22; JT 11/9 in WNC 11/13)


In Cairo, Arab League opens a 2-day emergency session on the recent Israeli-Palestinian violence, the peace process. (WT 10/21; NYT, WP, WT 10/22; MM 10/23; MENA 10/24 in WNC 10/25; MEI 10/27; MM 11/7) (see Peace Monitor)

1,000s of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria stage demonstrations calling on Arab leaders to sever all ties with Israel. Demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people are held in Italy, Kenya, the UK, Yemen. In the U.S., rallies are held in Austin, Miami Beach, San Francisco. Israeli Jews, Arabs fr. the mixed community of Neve Shalom host a peace rally in Haifa, but barely 1,000 Israelis attend. (UPI 10/21; WP 10/22; WJW 11/9)


Barak formally suspends the peace process. In response, Arafat states that Palestinians have a right to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and "to accept it or not to accept--let [Barak] go to hell." Meanwhile, Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate further, leaving 4 Palestinians dead, over 100 injured; 2 others die of injuries received earlier. The most violent exchange is nr. Bethlehem, where the IDF orders residents of Aida camp, Bayt Jala, Bayt Sahur to evacuate their homes before ordering machine guns, tanks, and helicopter gunships to fire into the area, targeting buildings fr. which snipers shot into nearby Gilo settlement and destroying 2 Palestinian factories, several houses, a power plant. The gunfire continues overnight. In Gaza, the IDF bulldozes Palestinian agricultural land along roads leading to Morag settlement. Israel also recloses the Gaza airport, reinstates the internal closure on PA areas, shuts crossings into Egypt and Jordan. (ADM 10/22; BDL, LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/23; MM 10/24; MA 10/24 in WNC 10/25; MEI 10/27; AYM 11/12 in WNC 11/13)

Barak announces an inquiry will be held into the deaths of Israeli Arabs during the recent clashes and a 4-yr. development plan for Israeli Arab areas. Israeli Arabs complain that the inquiry's recommendations will be nonbinding. (NYT 10/23; WJW 10/26; MM 10/30)


The Arab League closes its 2-day emergency session, issuing a nonbinding resolution calling for a $1 b. Palestinian aid fund, recommending Arab states postpone further normalization with Israel. Tunisia orders Israel to shut its representative offices it Tunis. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/23; MENA 10/23; HJ, IRNA 10/24 in WNC 10/25; HJ 10/24, 1025 HJ, SA 10/26 in WNC 10/30; WJW 10/26; MEI 10/27) (see Doc. B4)

In Cairo, 1,000s of Egyptian students protest the failure of the Arab League summit to cut ties with or to call for military action against Israel. There are also reports of at least 1 Palestinian protest in Bethlehem denouncing Arab leaders, especially Mubarak, for the weak Arab League statement. Other rallies in support of the Palestinians are held in Bahrain, London, Ottawa. (WP 10/23; HJ 10/24, SA 10/26 in WNC 10/30; Bahrain Freedom Movement press release 10/25; MM 10/26)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate slightly overall, but increase around Bayt Jala, the Jewish enclave in Hebron. During the day, 1 Palestinian is killed, 3 are wounded, 2 others die of injuries received earlier. The IDF continues to shell areas of Bayt Jala, damaging several homes and injuring several Palestinians. The IDF bulldozes large tracks of olive groves nr. Netzarim Junction, Nisanit settlement. IDF rocket attacks are reported nr. Rafah. (PCHR, MM 10/23; LAW, MM, NYT, WT 10/24; Globes [Internet] 10/25; JT 10/25 in WNC 10/30; MEI 10/27)

Barak, Sharon open talks on forming a coalition government. (MA [Internet], MM, NYT 10/23; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/24; JT 10/24 in WNC 10/25; WJW 10/26; MEI 10/27; al-Quds 10/28 in WNC 11/1; JP 11/3)


The National and Islamic Higher Comm. for the Follow-up of the Intifada (NIHC)--an umbrella group separate fr. the PA, representing all the Palestinian nationalist and Islamist factions--issues its 1st leaflet. Palestinians in al-Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza stage a small demonstration denouncing Arab leaders for the weak Arab League statement on 10/22. (HJ 10/23 in WNC 10/25)

Morocco severs ties with Israel, shutting its trade office in Tel Aviv, Israel's trade representation in Rabat. In London, 7,000 people stage a march in solidarity with the Palestinians. (MM, UPI 10/24; MM 10/25; MEI 10/27; MM 11/3) (see 10/13)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate further due to heavy rains, cold weather. During the day, 2 Palestinians are killed; a 3d dies of injuries received earlier. Barak sends top security aide Yossi Ginnosaur to Gaza to discuss security coordination with PSF head Dahlan. The IDF shells areas around Bayt Jala, Hebron, Jericho, Rafah, and Tulkarm, severely damaging more than 6 Palestinian homes, killing 1 man, wounding at least 8. The IDF uproots Palestinian olive groves nr. Netzarim Junction. IDF tanks in Psagot settlement fire into al-Bireh camp outside Ramallah in response to sniping. Barak allows Jewish settlers to go back to Mitzpe Hagit, one of the illegal settlement enclaves evacuated in 1999. (Gush Shalom press release 10/24; LAW, NYT, WT 10/25)

Pres. Clinton phones Arafat to urge him to halt Palestinian demonstrations, arrange a time to come to Washington to discuss resuming peace talks. Arafat gives no assurances. The White House says Clinton also phoned Barak, to urge Israeli restraint and invite him to a separate mtg. in Washington, but the leaders were "unable to speak." (MM, NYT, WT 10/25; NYT, YA 10/26; AYM 10/26 in WNC 10/30)

In Washington, Pres. Clinton, King Abdallah of Jordan sign a free trade agmt. (AP, BBC, MM 10/24; WJW 10/26; WP 10/27; JT 10/30, 10/31 in WNC 11/1; JT 11/8 in WNC 11/9; JT 11/9 in WNC 11/13; WP 11/10)

In a coordinated event, groups of West Bank Palestinians, 10,000s of Jordanians fr. across the kingdom march toward Jerusalem in a nonviolent demonstration of support for the right of return. While Palestinians are stopped at IDF checkpoints, the Jordanians are halted nr. Allenby Bridge by Jordanian riot police and security forces, with helicopter support. The Jordanian authorities beat back marchers with batons, water cannons, and tear gas, injuring 100s. (AP, BBC, MM 10/24; WJW 10/26; WP 10/27; JT 10/30, 10/31 in WNC 11/1; JT 11/8 in WNC 11/9; JT 11/9 in WNC 11/13; WP 11/10)

100s of Yemenis march to the UN offices in Sana' to protest Israeli violence against the Palestinians. In the U.S., a rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people is held in Chicago. (Bernama-IINA [Internet] 10/24)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue at a low level for a 3d day, as severe weather continues. In Hebron, the IDF evacuates a number of Palestinian residents bordering on the Jewish settlement enclave, confiscates their homes as new military posts. Jewish settlers chop down Palestinian olive groves nr. Nablus. The IDF again shells Bayt Jala. (ADM, MM 10/25; NYT, WT 10/26)

In Gaza, IDF, PA security officials hold expanded talks on lowering friction and violence in the field; plan further talks btwn. West Bank security coordinators.

In Gaza, a roadside bomb goes off nr. an IDF convoy, causing no injuries.

Demonstrations against in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in Montreal, outside the U.S. emb. in Jakarta. (al-Awda Internet news group 10/25)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify slightly. The IDF blocks the main north+nsouth road in Gaza, effectively dividing the Strip in half; bulldozes 7 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Kefar Darom. (MEZ, MM 10/26; NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 10/27; PCHR 10/29)

In Washington, Israeli amb. David Ivri meets with officials fr. the National Security Council, White House to discuss Israel's supplemental aid request. (HA [Internet] 10/27; AYM 10/29 in WNC 11/1)

Pres. Clinton speaks to Barak about easing the violence, coming to Washington for talks on renewing negotiations. No agmt. is reached. (WP 10/27) (see 10/24)

A Palestinian suicide bomber on a bicycle lightly injures 1 IDF soldier outside Gaza's Kissufim settlement. Islamic Jihad takes responsibility.

Israel restricts Palestinians' access to Jerusalem for the 3d Friday in a row. Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify again, leaving 4 Palestinians dead, 250 injured. Main flash points are Bayt Jala, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jinin, Qalqilya, Qarni checkpoint, Ramallah, Tulkarm. IDF troops outside Ramallah open fire on an ambulance, severely injuring the driver. In Gaza, the IDF bulldozes another 3 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Kefar Darom settlement. (ADM, LAW, MM, PCHR 10/27; IDF Radio [Internet], Guardian [Internet], NYT, WT 10/28; AYM 10/31 in WNC 11/1)


At least 3 roadside bombs explode nr. Bethlehem, injuring 1 Israeli border policeman. A synagog in Efrat is vandalized, presumably by Palestinians, though how they entered the Jewish settlement is unclear.

Palestinian refugees in `Ayn al-Hilwa camp in Lebanon demonstrate against the weak Arab League statement issued on 10/22. In Nairobi, 1,000s of Kenyans march in solidarity with the Palestinians. In the U.S., similar rallies are held outside the New York Times offices in New York, as well as in Hartford, Sacramento. (Panafrican News Agency [Internet] 10/27; al-Safir 10/28 in WNC 10/31)


Following the funerals for 4 Palestinians killed on 10/27, Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify further, leaving 50 Palestinians injured. 2 Palestinians, including a journalist hit by live ammunition in Bethlehem on 10/19, die of wounds received earlier. In Bayt Jala, IDF shelling destroys a building housing 10 adults, 15 children. Jewish settlers move 4 caravans to Havat Maon, one of the illegal enclaves that Barak evacuated in 1999. (LAW 10/28; NYT, WP 10/29; AIC 11/2; JP 11/10)


15,000 Mauritanians attend a rally calling on the government to sever ties with Israel in light its military action against Palestinians. In the U.S., 1,000s of Americans rally outside the White House in support of the Palestinian people. Similar rallies are held in New York, Seattle. (WP, WT 10/29; MEI 11/24)


With Israeli-Palestinian clashes showing no sign of abating, IDF chief of staff Gen. Shaul Mofaz announces that the army will begin initiating attacks on Palestinian targets, especially Fatah leaders, and using more force against demonstrators. During the day, 5 Palestinians are killed, over 100 injured; a 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. Nr. Qarni crossing in Gaza, IDF tanks fire on Palestinian demonstrators, killing 2, wounding 25. In drive-by shooting in East Jerusalem, Jewish settlers wound a Palestinian security guard outside Agusta Victoria hospital. Armed settlers also open fire on Palestinians in Haris, wounding 3. Other hot spots are nr. Jinin, Nablus, Ramallah. Nr. Ariel settlement, the IDF bulldozes Palestinian olive groves. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/30; AYM 10/30 in WNC 11/1; NYT, WP 10/31; AIC 11/2; al-Quds 11/9 in WNC 11/13)

A day before the Knesset reconvenes, Barak and Sharon are still unable to reach an agmt. on forming a unity government despite 7 days of talks. The Shas party, which pulled out of Barak's coalition in 7/00, before the Camp David talks, says it will give Barak a 1-mo. safety net against no-confidence votes. In return, Barak suspends plans for secular social reforms (see 8/20). (MM, NYT, WT, YA 10/30; MM, WT 10/31; MM 11/1; WJW 11/2; MEI 11/10)

  In Gaza, Palestinian gunmen fire on and detonate a small bomb nr. a bus carrying Jewish settlers under IDF escort, causing no injuries.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify after funerals for Palestinians killed on 10/29, the discovery in East Jerusalem of the body of a Jewish settler, and the fatal shooting of 2 guards outside an Israeli government building in East Jerusalem. In retaliation, Barak orders missile strikes on Fatah offices and Force 17 buildings in al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, and Nablus, destroying them, damaging an adjacent Samaritan synagogue and at least 1 home. Israel warns it will send commandos to hunt down Palestinians firing on troops fr. behind crowds of stone throwers. During the day, at least 2 Palestinians are killed, 40 are injured; a 3d dies of injuries received earlier; a 4th, seriously ill, dies when IDF detains his ambulance at a checkpoint. The main hot spots are around Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah (where the IDF reportedly uses grenade launchers), Tulkarm. Nr. Rafah, the IDF clears 100 dunams of Palestinian land, digs a trench across the main road to Gaza City. Armed Jewish settlers fire on Palestinian homes, schools in Hebron and nr. Bethlehem, Tulkarm. Settlers also throw stones at Palestinian cars on the Ramallah+nNablus road, nr. Hebron; uproot Palestinian groves nr. Itzhar settlement, shooting and wounding a Palestinian who tries to stop them. (ADM, LAW, MEZ, MM 10/30; International Herald Tribune, LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/31; HA [Internet], NYT, WP 11/1; AIC 11/2; JT 11/3 in WNC 11/6; MEI 11/10)

The Knesset reconvenes after a 3-mo. recess. The session is calmer than expected due to the agmt. Barak reached with Shas on 10/29. (MM, NYT 10/30; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/31; AYM 10/31 in WNC 11/1)


As Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 5 Palestinians dead, 45 injured. At Qarni crossing, the IDF shoots a CNN reporter in the back with live ammunition. Nr. Bethlehem, IDF troops, Jewish settlers reportedly fire on Red Crescent ambulances attempting to reach injured Palestinians. (ADM, LAW 10/31; LPA 10/31 in WNC 11/1; HA [Internet], MEZ, NYT, WP 11/1; see Jane's Defence Weekly 10/10)

Israel revives plans for construction of 3 new neighborhoods on the Golan Heights totalling 1,500 housing units, plus related infrastructure. (HA [Internet] 11/1)

This evening, Israeli Transportation M Amnon Shahak, Barak security aide Ginnosaur secretly go to Gaza for talks with Arafat. No details are released. (NYT 11/2)

The most severe clashes are in Gaza, where Palestinians for the 1st time fire 3+n4 antitank grenades at an IDF post, causing no injuries. The PA says it has not authorized its security forces to use their weapons to date but warns that could change depending on Israel actions.



IDF Israeli Defense Forces

PA Palestinian Authority


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