December 2000


63 palestinians killed by israeli action this month
8 israelis killed by palestinian action this month


In a last effort to push forward the peace process before he goes out of office, Clinton presents a plan for a "final agreement" between Israel and Palestine. Both parties however can only accept the plan with conditions, so the process falls apart.

In a surprise move, Barak announces he will resign, and call elections for PM only within 2 mos. Barak thus triggers a law that restricts candidates in a special election for PM to current MKs, thereby keeping Likud's Netanyahu, who leads Barak's by 15 points in pubic opinion polls, out of the race. Knesset approves a law that permits Netanyahu to participate. However he declines, as there will be no parliamentary elections.

Palestinian death figures declines to some extent. The IDF however continues its aircraft and missile attacks. The assassination of palestinian leaders is stepped up, and so is israeli attacks of the palestinian security forces. Palestinians starts to send suicide bombers into Israel. The palestinian organizations decides to continue the Intifada, ignoring appeals from Arafat to stop.


Israeli actions Negotiations Palestinian actions
Every is one palestinian killed by israeli action   Every is one israeli killed by palestinian action

On this 1st Friday of Ramadan, Israel lifts age restrictions on Palestinians attending prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque and places Israeli riot police surrounding the mosque compound under strict orders to avoid actions that could spark riots. The IDF, however, bars West Bank Palestinians from entering East Jerusalem, some Jerusalem Palestinians from entering the Old City. Though there are several stone-throwing incidents after prayers, the police do not respond with gunfire as in previous weeks. Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue in the West Bank and Gaza, leaving 3 Palestinians dead. The IDF fires antitank missiles and heavy machine guns at residential areas in Hebron, Ramallah. Israel partially reopens the Gaza airport (closed since 11/8). (LAW 12/1; NYT, WP, WT 12/2; PCHR, WT 12/3)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 2 Palestinians dead. A 3d Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. IDF tanks fire on residential areas in Hebron, Khan Yunis. (LAW 12/2; LAW, WP, WT 12/3; NYT 1/17)

U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton phones PM Barak to "impress upon [him] the need to move ahead" with the Mitchell Comm. investigation. U.S. officials describe the 45-min. conversation as "difficult." (HA, WT, YA 12/3, 12/4; MA 12/4 in WNC 12/8; MM 12/8) (see 11/21)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 1 Palestinian dead. The worst fighting is nr. Bethlehem, where armed Jewish settlers fire on Palestinians outside a mosque in Husan, trapping other worshipers inside; IDF soldiers intervene, firing guns and tear gas; the situation devolves into a riot that spreads to al-Khadir. In total, 25+n30 Palestinians are injured.

The IDF shells neighboring Aida, Bayt Jala in retaliation for palestinian Gilo attack, destroying 1 home, damaging 10s. The IDF also shells Khan Yunis, bulldozes 14 dunams of agricultural land in the Rafah area; sends more tanks into Gaza. (LAW 12/3; WP, WT 12/4; HJ 12/4 in WNC 12/8; BDL, NYT, WP, WT 12/5; PR 12/6; MEI 12/8; PCHR 12/18)

Israel says it will cooperate fully with the Mitchell Comm. but expects PA-Israeli differences over the comm.'s mandate to be resolved before investigators arrive in mid-12/00. (WP, WT 12/4; MA 12/4 in WNC 12/8; MM 12/6; JP 12/7) (see 12/2)

After dark, Palestinian snipers for the 1st time in a wk. open fire on Gilo settlement, causing no injuries.
Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify, but no fatalities are reported. IDF helicopter gunships fire missiles at Palestinian gunmen during a 3-hr. battle nr. Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, which leaves 14 Palestinians injured, 2 Palestinian homes destroyed. In Gaza, the IDF forcibly removes 100 Jewish settlers blocking a road that the army had reopened to Palestinian use. Settlers also stone Palestinian cars, burn a stand of olive trees nr. Nablus. The IDF shells residential areas of Aida, al-Amal, Bayt Jala, Khan Yunis; bulldozes 10s of dunams of Palestinian farm land in Gaza to create a 2d bypass road fr. Qarni crossing to Netzarim settlement; levels land nr. Rafah. (BDL, HA, NYT, WP, WT 12/5; AIC 12/6; WJW 12/7; MEI, NYT 12/8; PCHR 12/18)   Palestinian gunmen fire on an IDF vehicle nr. Jinin, and soldiers return fire; no one is injured. A roadside bomb explodes nr. a bus nr. the Allenby Bridge crossing to Jordan, causing no injuries.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 2 Palestinians dead. The IDF again fires rockets back at Bayt Jala. The IDF also fires on residential areas of Rafah and at Palestinian fishing boats off the Rafah coast, injuring 1 fisherman. Jewish settlers in Hebron sever telephone wires, cutting phone service to about 1,000 Palestinians. Settlers also set fire to a Palestinian barn nr. Nablus, killing several goats. The IDF arrests 8 Palestinians in the West Bank village of al-Mughir; bulldozes 10s of dunams of Palestinian land btwn. Netzarim Junction and Qarni crossing, in the Rafah area, nr. Kissufim crossing. (LAW 12/5; AIC, IDF Radio [Internet], LAW, NYT, PCHR, WT 12/6; YA 12/7; PCHR 12/18)

In Jordan, an Israeli emb. employee is ambushed, shot in the leg. (MM,NYT, WP, WT 12/6; AFP, JT 12/6 in WNC 12/8; MM, WJW, YA 12/7; DUS, Star 12/7 in WNC 12/12; WT 12/8; MEI 12/22) (see 11/19)

IDF soldiers manning the blue line fire across the border into Lebanon, wounding a Hizballah mbr. manning a checkpoint. IDF soldiers cross the border into Lebanon to treat the man until a UN medical team arrives. (MA 12/6 in WNC 12/8)

The PA's Qurai` makes a low-key trip to Jerusalem to meet with Israel's Sher. (MA [Internet] 12/12) (see 11/29)

Palestinian gunmen continue to snipe at Gilo settlement.
Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, but no fatalities are reported. Israeli Arabs fr. Kafr Kana deliver 200 tons of food, clothing collected fr. Israeli-Arab households to West Bank Palestinians; this is their 2d aid delivery, a 3d is planned for 12/9. (HA 12/7)    

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, killing at least 1 Palestinian. A 2d Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In Hebron, IDF troops push, kick, detain Palestinians accompanying UN special envoy Terje Larsen on a tour of the Palestinian section of the city. Larsen says he will report the incident to UN Secy.-Gen. Kofi Annan. The IDF continues to bulldoze lands, structures nr. Netzarim Junction, Dugit settlement. (LAW, WT 12/8; PCHR 12/18)

  The PA State Security Court sentences to death Alam Bani Odeh, nephew of assassinated Hamas official Ibrahim Bani Odeh, for treason and espionage. Alam, who was arrested on 11/28, reportedly confessed to having been recruited by Shin Bet 9 mos. ago to monitor his uncle. (LAW 12/11) (see 11/23)

On the 2d Friday of Ramadan and the 13th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1st intifada, Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate sharply, leaving 7 Palestinians, 2 Jewish settlers, 1 IDF soldier dead. 5 of the Palestinians are killed when IDF tanks open fire on a PSF post nr. Jinin; 15,000 Palestinians march in Jinin to protest.

In response to IDF death, Barak tightens the blockade on Palestinian villages, which had been eased slightly for Ramadan. 50 Jewish settlers rampage through the Arab section of Hebron, damaging Palestinian property, occupying a Palestinian home. Settlers also attempt to occupy 3 Palestinian homes in Banidar, Musharqat al-Fawqan. The IDF bars West Bank Palestinians fr. reaching East Jerusalem to attend prayers. Tensions erupt into clashes after services, with Israeli police in Jerusalem opening fire on worshipers with tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition, killing at least 1. Serious clashes are also reported in Ramallah. (AP, IDF Radio [Internet], LAW, REU 12/8; NYT, WP, WT 12/9; LAW, NYT 12/10)

For the 1st time in 6 yrs., Israel places an Israeli Arab, Ghassan Athamla of Nazareth, under administrative detention on charges of incitement stemming fr. clashes btwn. Israeli Jews and Arabs in Nazareth in 10/00. Barak personally signs the order, which is based on secret evidence. (HA 12/8; Adalah press release 1/15)

  IDF soldier, 2 settlers are killed in separate incidents nr. Hebron and Jericho in which Palestinian gunmen fire on their vehicles.

In a surprise move, Barak announces he will resign on 12/10, call elections for PM only within 2 mos. Barak thus triggers a law that restricts candidates in a special election for PM to current MKs, thereby keeping Likud's Netanyahu, who leads Barak's by 15 points in pubic opinion polls, out of the race. Netanyahu would only be able to run if the Knesset dissolved itself, forcing general elections. (MENA 12/9, AYM, MENA, RL 12/10 in WNC 12/13; HA, MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT, YA 12/10; HJ 12/10, al-Quds 12/11, DUS 12/12 in WNC 12/14; MM 12/11; WJW 12/14; JP 12/15; AYM 12/15 in WNC 12/21; MEI 12/22) (see 11/28)

Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate due to severe weather that keeps many people indoors. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In Hebron, 80 Jewish settlers, armed with machine guns and pistols, attempt to take over 5 Palestinian homes, damage 11 homes, open fire on Palestinians, seriously injuring 1 teenager. The IDF bulldozes 20 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Netzarim Junction, 7 dunams (including 1 home) nr. Gush Katif settlement. (LAW 12/9; NYT, WT 12/10; PCHR 12/18)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 2 Palestinian dead, including leading Fatah activist Mahmud Mughrabi, who is shot by IDF troops. Jewish settlers open fire on Palestinians in Bayt Dajan and Bayt Furik, injuring 1. The IDF bulldozes 26 dunams of Palestinian land in the Netzarim area. (LAW 12/10; WT 12/11; WJW 12/28)

In Jerusalem, Israeli FM Sholomo Ben-Ami, chief negotiator Sher, fmr. deputy General Security Services head Yisrael Hasson hold a low-key mtg. with the PA's senior negotiators PA Local Government M Saeb Erakat, Gaza PSF head Muhammad Dahlan, Information M Yasir `Abid Rabbuh. (MA 12/12 in WNC 12/14; AYM 12/14 in WNC 12/18) (see 12/5)

Mbrs. of the Mitchell Comm. arrive in Israel to begin 3 days of initial consultations with Israeli, PA, Egyptian, Jordanian leaders. (WT 12/11; ATL, Der Spiegel, MENA 12/11 in WNC 12/13; MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WP 12/12; MENA 12/12 in WNC 12/14; HA, WJW 12/14; Guardian 12/20) (see 12/3)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. In Nablus, IDF soldiers assassinate senior Islamic Jihad mbr. Anwar Mahmud Hamran. A 2d Palestinian dies of wounds received earlier. Jews settlers stone Palestinian cars outside Ofra settlement, destroy several Palestinian cars in Hawara, bulldoze 7 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Khan Yunis. Israel moves the Beitar Forest checkpoint marking the Green Line btwn. West Bank, Israel 300 m. to the east, effectively annexing a 5-dunam area to Israel. The IDF directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas in Aida, Bayt Jala (damaging 8 homes), Bayt Jibrin, Dahaysha camp, al-Khadir, Khan Yunis (cutting off electricity), Rafah; bulldozes Palestinian land nr. Dugit and Gush Katif settlements, Nablus, Ramallah. (LAW 12/11; BDL, NYT, WT 12/12; PCHR 12/18; HA 12/19; JP 12/22; WJW 12/28)

---- Israeli FM Ben-Ami flies to Paris to meet with 1 or more senior Arab officials in advance of U.S. special envoy Ross's meeting with Arafat in Rabat tomorrow. (MA [Internet], MM, NYT, WT 12/12; MA [Internet] 12/13; JT [Internet] 12/14; NYT 12/15)


In the U.S., Texas gov. Bush is declared the winner of the 11/7 presidential elections. VP Gore concedes. Bush will take office on 1/20/01. (NYT, WP, WT 12/13; HA 12/14; MA, MENA 12/14 in WNC 12/18; MM 12/15; Globes 12/17 in WNC 12/20; MM 12/20) (see 11/26)

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 3 Palestinians dead. The IDF shoots senior Fatah mbr. Yusif Abu Sawi, rumored to be on Israel's wanted list, in another apparent assassination. 2 Palestinians are killed, 15 wounded in clashes with the IDF in Khan Yunis, during which the IDF shells a PSF post. The IDF bulldozes more Palestinian land in Dayr al-Balah, damaging 2 Palestinian homes and destroying 2 homes, the foundations of 1 home under construction, a greenhouse, an apiary, and an irrigation system. IDF shelling in Bethlehem damages St. Nicholas', St. Michael's Greek Orthodox churches. (LAW 12/12; MEZ NYT, WP, WT 12/13; AYM 12/13 in WNC 12/18; PCHR 12/18)

In Rabat, Morocco, U.S. special envoy Ross meets with Arafat to explore whether Arafat is "ready to return" to negotiations with Israel. (MM, WT 12/12; IDF Radio [Internet] 12/13; NYT 12/15; NYT, WP 12/16; NYT 12/29)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 5 Palestinians dead. At 1:00 a.m., the IDF sends a bulldozer protected by armored vehicles into Khan Yunis in Gaza to demolish an earthen embankment (see 11/24). PSF officers open fire on the advancing soldiers, who fire heavy machine guns and tanks shells at the camp, killing 4 PSF officers, injuring 43 Palestinians, damaging 10 homes, igniting fires, cutting electricity. During the 9-hr. battle, frightened Palestinian families pile their goods into cars, flee the area. In Hebron, the IDF assassinates a wanted mbr. of Hamas's Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, Abbas al-Iwaywi. (LAW, MEZ 12/13; NYT, WP, WT 12/14; al-Quds 12/14, SA 12/16 in WNC 12/20; MEI 12/22)

14 Jordanian MPs submit a motion for an open debate to review the peace treaty with Israel. (MEI 12/22)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. Senior Hamas Hani Abu Bakir is assassinated by IDF troops in Gaza. IDF soldiers, Palestinian gunmen engage in a protracted gunfight outside Morag settlement in Gaza; later, the IDF bulldozes at least 17 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Morag. Israel approves the entry of 13,000 Palestinian laborers needed to help bring in the citrus, flower, other crop harvests. (LAW 12/14; HA, NYT, WP, WT 12/15; PCHR 12/18; MA 12/25 in WNC 12/27)

Late this evening, Arafat, Israeli FM Ben-Ami, Israeli chief negotiator Sher hold talks at Erez on resuming peace talks. (REU 12/14; HA, IsRN, MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/15)

Palestinians ambush, seriously injure a settler nr. Ramallah. A grenade explodes nr. Gush Katif settlement, causing no injuries.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate, leaving 8 Palestinians dead, including senior Islamic Jihad mbr. Sa'ir al-Khruf, who is assassinated by the IDF. (1 Palestinian dies en route to the hospital when his ambulance is detained by the IDF for over 1 hr.) In Nablus, 20,000 Palestinians attend a funeral for 3 of the dead killed overnight. Israel allows a small number of West Bank, Gaza Palestinians over age 35 to attend Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque. Those that are barred scuffle with Israeli police who respond with rubber bullets, stun grenades, tear gas. The IDF also placed curfews on Salfit, Qasrah to conduct an arrest sweep. IDF directed shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas in Aida, Aqbat Jabir camp, Bayt Jala (damaging an elementary school), al-Bireh, Dayr al-Balah, Nablus, Ramallah (damaging the PA Local Government Min.), Tulkarm; bulldozes Palestinian agricultural land across Gaza, in Qalqilya. In Rafah, the IDF fires a shell at a family protesting the bulldozing of their land, injuring 6 children. Jewish settlers attack Palestinian property around Qalqilya, shoot at Palestinians in Silt al-Thahir (wounding 1). (ADM, LAW 12/15; NYT, WP, WT 12/16; PCHR 12/18; NYT 1/17)

Israel's Ben-Ami meets with Arafat at Erez to discuss resuming peace talks, holds follow-up mtg. with PA Information M `Abid Rabbuh in Tel Aviv. The State Dept. says that midlevel Israeli, PA negotiators may come top Washington the wk. of 12/18. (NYT, WP 12/16) (see 12/10)

In Gaza, over 30,000 Palestinians attend a Hamas rally in support of continuing the al-Aqsa intifada no matter what stand the PA regarding negotiations with Israel. (MEI 12/22)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF shells residential areas of Bayt Sahur, Hebron, Rafah, damaging a total of 12 homes; bulldozes another 24 dunams of land nr. Morag settlement, destroying 21 greenhouses, several water networks. (MEZ, WP, WT 12/17; PCHR 12/18)

PA negotiators Erakat, Dahlan discuss with Israeli negotiators Ben-Ami, Sher the possibility of resuming final status talks. Arafat phones Clinton regarding sending negotiators to Washington. The White House says Clinton has received pres.-elect Bush's approval to negotiate an Israeli-PA deal before the inauguration. (NYT, WP, WT 12/16; XIN 12/16 in WNC 12/20; JP [Internet], MM 12/18)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 5 Palestinians dead; a 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In Qalandiyya, Senior Fatah mbr. Samih Malabi is killed when his booby-trapped cell phone explodes. The IDF shells residential areas of Abu Snaina, al-Harayik, al-Shaykh, al-Zaytun; demolishes a Palestinian home in Dayr al-Balah. (LAW, MEZ, REU 12/17; LAW, NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 12/18; MENA 12/18 in WNC 12/20; NYT 12/19; WJW 12/21; MEI 12/22; WP 1/8)

Israeli, PA negotiators agree to hold separate talks with U.S. officials in Washington in an attempt to revive negotiations. (NYT, WP, WT 12/18)

A Jewish settler is wounded in a drive-by shooting nr. Jinin. In West Jerusalem, 2 cars owned by the Washington Post are set on fire outside the bureau's offices.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 2 Palestinian dead. In Tulkarm, a senior Fatah mbr. is found stabbed to death in what the PA alleges to be another Israeli assassination. In Gaza, a top PSF officer is killed when he attempts to defuse an unexploded IDF shell. In Nablus, Jewish settlers open fire on a Palestinian high school, wounding 2 pupils. The IDF shells residential areas of Bayt Lahia, al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, Rafah; destroys a water network, 2 PSF posts nr. Bayt Lahia; bulldozes 25 dunams of Palestinian land in the Netzarim area. (LAW, PCHR 12/18; MENA 12/18 in WNC 12/20; LAW, NYT 12/19; MEI 12/22)

Israel suspends plans to allow 13,000 Palestinians into Israel to work, since only a handful of Palestinian requested permits. (MA 12/25 in WNC 12/27; MM 1/5) (see 12/14)

At Bolling Air Force Base (AFB) in Washington, the U.S. peace team hold separate preliminary mtgs. with the Israeli, the PA teams. (HA, JP, MM 12/18; AYM 12/18 in WNC 12/20; WT 12/19; AYM 12/19 in WNC 12/26; NYT, WP, WT 12/20; WJW 12/21; MEI 12/22) (see Peace Monitor)

A UNSC res. calling for the deployment of 2,000 unarmed UN observers in the West Bank, Gaza fails to get the 9 votes needed to pass. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/19; MM 12/20; al-Ra'i 12/20 in WNC 12/26; WJW 12/21)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, but no fatalities are reported. IDF shells residential areas of Salfit. Jewish settlers attack the Palestinian village of Burin, breaking into several homes, and fire on an elementary school in Hebron. (LAW 12/19; News From Within 12/00)

The Knesset passes (65-45) a bill amending the election law so Likud's Netanyahu may run for PM, but rejects (49-69) a separate bill that would dissolve the Knesset, force general elections. Netanyahu says he will not run, since it would be impossible for any PM to work with the current parliament. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/19; NYT, WP 12/20; MEI 12/22; MA 12/22 in WNC 12/27) (see 12/9)

At Bolling AFB, the U.S. peace team continues separate talks with Israeli, PA negotiators. (MM 12/19; WT 12/20; QA 12/20 in WNC 12/26; MEI 12/22)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 3 Palestinians dead. A 4th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In a "gun battle" nr. Rafah, the IDF shoots dead 2 Palestinians, wounds at least 40 others; no Israelis are injured. (LAW 12/20; LAW, WP 12/21)

After 2 days of Bolling talks, the U.S. brings PA negotiator Erakat, Israeli negotiator Ben-Ami together at the White House in a mtg. with Clinton, Secy. of State Madeleine Albright. Sides agree to begin direct talks on 12/21. (XIN 12/20 in WNC 12/26; HA, MENL, MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/21; al-Quds 12/22 in WNC 12/27)

Arafat goes to Egypt to consult with Mubarak. Israeli Meretz party leader Yossi Sarid is also in Egypt for mtgs. with Mubarak but there is no indication he meets with Arafat. (MENA 12/20 in WNC 12/21; NYT 12/21)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF halts an ambulance carrying a wounded Palestinian to a hospital in Ramallah, forces the ambulance to drive to an IDF post where the soldiers arrested the wounded man, detained him for 2 hrs. before transporting him to a hospital inside Israel. (LAW 12/21; WP 12/22; LAW 1/30)

Israel, the PA begin direct negotiations at Bolling AFB. The PA team walks out of talks when Ben-Ami begins talking about Israel annexing 10% of the West Bank in a final agmt. whereas he had earlier said 5% but agrees to continue talks after conferring privately with Ross. This evening, Clinton phones Egypt's Mubarak to brief him on the talks. Mubarak, Arafat then speak by phone. (REU 12/21; HJ, MENA 12/21 in WNC 12/26; WP, WT, YA 12/22; WT 12/23; WT, YA 12/24)

1 Jewish settler is shot dead in a drive-by shooting in the West Bank.

As Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 4 Palestinians dead, including a Palestinian suicide bomber who injures 3 IDF soldiers, 6 Jewish settlers in an attack on a roadside cafe nr. Mehola settlement. The IDF directs tank, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas in Hebron, Gaza, al-Ram. Israel again restricts Palestinians' access to Jerusalem for Friday prayers. (LAW 12/22; NYT, WP 12/23)

PA-Israeli talks continue at Bolling, with Secy. Albright's participation. (HA 12/22; WP 12/23)

Palestinian suicide bomber dies and injures 3 IDF soldiers, 6 Jewish settlers in an attack on a roadside cafe nr. Mehola settlement.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate slightly. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF shells residential areas of Khan Yunis, damaging 10s of homes; raids a school, several shops in Jinin, firing tear gas. (LAW 12/24)

Clinton, Albright hold a 2d mtg. with Ben-Ami, Erakat at the White House. Clinton presents the teams with proposed "parameters" for a final status agmt. based on his understanding of the points of accord reached at Camp David. Clinton requests Arafat, Barak tell him by 12/27 if they accept the parameters as a basis for further negotiations, in which case he will invite them to Washington. (HA, WP, WT 12/23; MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT 12/24; AYM, al-Quds 12/24, HJ 12/25 in WNC 12/27; WP 12/25; MEI 1/12) (see Doc. D1; Peace Monitor)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue to abate, possibly due to rainy weather, Ramadan celebrations (which are greatly scaled back). 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. (LAW 12/24; WT 12/25)


Arafat flies into Bethlehem fr. Amman to attend Christmas mass, marking his 1st trip to the West Bank since clashes began on 9/28. (WP, WT 12/25; Polish Radio 1 12/25 in WNC 12/27; HA 12/26)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate significantly for the 2d day. No fatalities, major clashes are reported. (WT 12/26)

Barak says Israel is prepared to accept Clinton's parameters (see 12/23) without changes if the PA does the same; his security cabinet will issue a formal reply on 12/27. The PA Negotiation Affairs Comm. begins 2 days of debate on the U.S. proposals. Clinton phones Egyptian pres. Mubarak to discuss the proposals before Mubarak meets with Arafat later in the day. (MENA, XIN 12/25 in WNC 12/27; MA [Internet], NYT, WT, YA 12/26; AFP, ATL, DUS, al-Quds 12/26 in WNC 12/28; AYM 12/26, SA 12/31 in WNC 1/2; NYT, WT 12/28; NYT 12/29)

King Abdallah of Jordan warns "elements within Jordan as well as outside it" not to exploit the al-Aqsa intifada to try to destabilize the kingdom, says the army is prepared for confrontation. (IsRN 12/25; al-Ra'i 12/25 in WNC 12/28; MENL 12/28; MEI 1/12)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate further. Noting a reduction in the incidence of Palestinian sniping at IDF and settler vehicles, the IDF eases the internal closure, removing some roadblocks. Israeli dep. DM Sneh announces that Barak has approved plans to erect a 45 mi. security fence (cement walls, iron rails, ramparts) along the Green Line to block the movement of Palestinians into Israel. (HA, YA 12/26; WJW 12/28; JP [Internet] 1/1; WT 1/3)

With Arafat's, Barak's authorization, Israeli tourism M Shahak, Barak adviser Yossi Ginossaur, PA senior negotiator Qurai` open secret talks in New York aimed at narrowing the gaps in their positions on the Clinton parameters to the point where 3-way talks among Arafat, Barak, Clinton could be held. Unnamed U.S. officials participate. (MA [Internet] 12/28, 12/31)


Barak conditionally accepts Clinton's 12/23 peace proposals as a basis for discussion but says Israel seeks clarification on some points. Arafat says the PA cannot accept or reject the proposals without additional information, forwards Clinton a list of clarifying questions. Clinton phones the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia to urge them to press Arafat to accept the parameters. (AFP, MENA 12/27 in WNC 12/28; XIN 12/27, MENA 12/28 in WNC 1/2; AP, NYT, WP, WT 12/28; AYM 1/3 in WNC 1/8)

Ramadan ends. As a gesture to Hamas, the PA releases spokesman `Abd al-`Aziz Rantisi, who was detained on 10/18. (NYT 12/28; SA 1/2 in WNC 1/3)


Israel seals the borders of the West Bank, Gaza. Jewish settlers attack Palestinian homes nr. Hebron. The IDF bulldozes 115 dunams of agricultural land nr. Bayt Hanun. (REU 12/28; NYT, WP, WT 12/29; WT 12/30; PCHR 1/6)

IDF soldiers shoot across the blue line with Lebanon, injuring 5 Lebanese civilians, including 1 child, hurling stones and firecrackers across the border nr. the disputed Abbad Hill. (MEI 1/12)

Pres. Clinton tells Arafat he sees no point in further discussion with the PA until Arafat accepts the 12/23 parameters, stating the U.S. will not reply to the PA's 12/27 letter. Clinton phones the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia to urge them to back the parameters. (MENL 12/28; MENA 12/28, SA 12/31 in WNC 1/2; HA, MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT, YA 12/29; YA 1/10)

In New York, 3 days of secret PA-Israeli talks on the Clinton parameters end in a deadlock. (MA [Internet] 12/28, 12/31) (see 12/26)

As Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, 2 bombs explode on a bus in Tel Aviv, injuring 13 Israelis, and a roadside bomb detonates in Gaza, killing 1 IDF soldier, 1 Israeli border policeman, injuring 2 other soldiers.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. In Gaza, PSF officer is killed when the IDF shells his post in response to gunfire directed at troops bulldozing Palestinian agricultural land nearby. The IDF also bulldozes 76 dunams of agricultural land nr. Khan Yunis (including an apiary, pens of birds and sheep, 2 irrigation systems). (NYT, WP, WT 12/30; PCHR 1/6)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. IDF directs heavy machine gun fire at Dahaysha camp, Khaza, Rafah; bulldozes Palestinian land nr. Bayt Hanun, Khan Yunis. Jewish settlers clash with Palestinians outside Nahalin village, around Hebron; attack Palestinian cars outside Tfouh settlement. (HP 12/31; PCHR 1/6)

On the blue line with Lebanon, the IDF shoots, kills 1 Lebanese protester, wounds several whom troops say were attempting to scale the border fence. (WP, WT 12/31; RL 12/31 in WNC 1/2)


Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving 2 Palestinian, 2 Jewish settlers dead.

The funeral procession for Kahane through Jerusalem, attended by 20,000 Israelis, turns into riot, with Jews smashing storefronts of Palestinian shops, seeking out and beating Palestinians, injuring 10 Israeli riot police. Hrs. after the Kahane shooting, the IDF assassinates senior Fatah official Thabet Thabet, gunning him down outside his home in Tulkarm. The 2d Palestinian is killed in a drive-by shooting by settlers. Israel closes the Rafah crossing. IDF directs tank, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Amari refugee camp, Beitunia, al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, Rafah, al-Salam, Satih Marhaba. Machine gun fire fr. Psagot settlement damages the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) headquarters in al-Bireh. (PRCS press release, WP 12/31; HA, IsRN, LAW, WP, WT, YA 1/1; MENA 1/2 in WNC 1/3; WJW 1/4; JP 1/5; PCHR 1/6; WP 1/8; MEI 1/12)

  Nr. Ramallah, Palestinian gunmen ambush the car of Jewish settler leader Benjamin Kahane (son of late anti-Arab extremist rabbi Meir Kahane), killing him, his wife, injuring 5 of their 6 children. The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility.



IDF Israeli Defense Forces

PA Palestinian Authority


Chronology Source Abbreviations

ADM (Addameer--Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association, Ramallah)

AFP (Agence France-Presse, Paris)

AIC (Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem)

AP (Associated Press, Internet)

ATL (Anatolia, Ankara)

AYM (al-Ayyam, Ramallah)

BDL (BADIL Resource Center, Bethlehem)

DUS (al-Dustur, Amman)

FAV (Free Arab Voice, Internet)

HA (Ha'Aretz, Tel Aviv)

HJ (al-Hayat al-Jadida, Ramallah)

HP (Hear Palestine, Washington)

HUR (Hurriyet, Istanbul)

IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency, Tehran)

IsRN (Israel Radio News, Internet)

JP (Jerusalem Post International Edition, Jerusalem)

JT (Jordan Times, Amman)

LAW (Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment, Jerusalem)

MA (Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv)

MEI (Middle East International, London)

MENA (Middle East News Agency, Cairo)

MENL (Middle East Newsline, Internet)

MEZ (al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, Jabaliyya)

MM (Mideast Mirror, London)

NYT (New York Times, New York)

PCHR (Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Gaza)

PR (Palestine Report, Jerusalem)

QA (al-Quds al-Arabi, London)

REU (Reuters, Internet)

RL (Radio Lebanon, Beirut)

RMC (Radio Monte Carlo, Paris)

SA (al-Sharq al-Awsat, London)

UPI (United Press International, Internet)

WJW (Washington Jewish Week, Rockville, MD)

WNC (World News Connection [Internet], Washington)

WP (Washington Post, Washington)

WT (Washington Times, Washington)

XIN (Xinhua+nNew China News Agency, Beijing)

YA (Yedi'ot Aharonot, Tel Aviv)