July 2001


49 palestinians killed by israeli action this month
9 israelis killed by palestinian action this month


Israel steps up assassinations, house demolitions. Rejects G-8 "third-party monitoring" proposal

Israel's security cabinet selects 26 Palestinians as prime targets for assassination, and starts the assassinations. The UN, the US reiterate their opposition. Also IDF increases house demolitions and shellings, in order to escalate the situation. On the 17th, IDF sends tank, troop reinforcements into the West Bank in its largest deployment since the start of the al-Aqsa intifada. At the G-8 preparatory meeting in Rome, foreign ministers unanimously adopt a resolution supporting "third-party monitoring" as a means of facilitating a cease-fire, but agree that both Israel, the PA would have to approve. Powell backs the resolution after the wording is changed to call for "third-party monitors" rather than "international observers." Israel denounces the proposal.

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Comm. holds a closed session to discuss the "Arab demographic threat" and the "dangers facing the survival of Israel as a Jewish state."


Israeli actions Negotiations Palestinian actions
Every is one palestinian killed by israeli action   Every is one israeli killed by palestinian action

Israeli-Palestinian violence escalates, leaving 5 Palestinians dead. A 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF assassinates senior Islamic Jihad mbr. Bisharat, firing 8 rockets at his car as he drives nr. Jinin, also killing 2 passengers. The PA charges Israel with a major violation of the cease-fire. The IDF also directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bethlehem, Rafah. (HP, MM, NYT, WT 7/2; al-Quds 7/2 in WNC 7/3; MM 7/3; QA 7/3, AKH, JT 7/4, AN 7/5 in WNC 7/7; MM 7/4; Economist 7/5; MEI 7/13)


Israeli-Palestinian violence continues to escalate, leaving 2 Palestinians, 1 Israeli civilian dead. Fatalities include a critically ill Palestinian woman who dies at a checkpoint nr. Ramallah after being held there for 2 hrs. and denied passage to a hospital, and an Israeli fatally shot by a Palestinian in a West Bank market. The IDF begins work on a new settlement bypass road nr. Bethlehem; bulldozes 100s of dunams of Palestinian land nr. Gush Etzion where a new settlement enclave was set up 1 mo. ago; confiscates 5 dunams of Silwad land for a helipad serving Ofra settlement; sets up a new checkpoint outside Jinin; tightens roadblocks around Bethlehem, Qalqilya, Tulkarm. Jewish settlers set fire to 5 Palestinian cars in Hebron; burn olive trees nr. Ramin. (HP, MM 7/2; NYT, PMC, WP, WT 7/3; MM 7/4; MEI 7/13)

The U.S. convenes a special mtg. of the trilateral security comm.; reprimands the PA for not doing enough to rein in violence, Israel for resuming "targeted killings." (AP 7/2; NYT, WP, WT 7/3; NYT 7/5)

The PFLP detonates 2 remote-controlled car bombs in Yehud, inside Israel; 4 Israelis are treated for shock.

A Jewish settler is found murdered nr. Hebron. The IDF retaliates by sealing the neighboring villages of Yatta and Yibna, and bulldozing homes, cave dwellings, 10s of other structures, wells, olive groves, leaving at least 500 Palestinians homeless. The IDF also bulldozes 30 Palestinian stalls at a market outside Jinin, where a settler was killed on 7/1; orders 4 Palestinian families to evacuate an area in Sawisa, nr. Hebron, then demolishes their tents. This evening, 1,000s of Jewish settlers rally in Tel Aviv to protest the "inadequate" security provided by the Israeli government. (Gush Shalom press release, al-Haq press release, MM 7/3; HP, NYT, WT 7/4; AFP [Internet] 7/5; HA 7/12; MEI 7/13)

Sharon meets with senior cabinet mbrs. to discuss contingency plans should the cease-fire collapse completely. He secures their authorization to step up assassinations. The State Dept. repeats its opposition. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/4; JT 7/4 in WNC 7/7; NYT 7/5)

  A Jewish settler is found murdered nr. Hebron. After dark, Palestinians toss homemade grenades at an IDF post in Rafah, causing no injuries.

The IDF tightens closures throughout the West Bank; directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Rafah, at a PSF post outside Qalqilya; demolish 5 Palestinian homes in Bayt Hanina; establishes new checkpoints outside Qalqilya, Tulkarm; continues demolitions in Yibna (see 7/3), destroying an unknown number of homes, farming structures, cisterns. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. (HP 7/4; LAW 7/9)

Israel's security cabinet selects 26 Palestinians as prime targets for assassination. The UN, the U.S. reiterate their opposition. The PA says Israel is essentially renouncing the U.S. cease-fire arrangement. As the cabinet mtg. takes place, plainclothes gunmen shoot, wound senior Fatah mbr. Hazim Natshe, on Israel's most wanted list, in an apparent assassination attempt in Hebron. (HA 7/4; AYM, DUS, MA, QA 7/4, MA, MENA 7/5 in WNC 7/7; AP, NYT, WT 7/5; AP 7/6; MEI 7/13; MM 7/18; MA 7/18 in WNC 7/19)

  Palestinian gunmen fire on 2 vehicles driving along the Israeli border nr. Tulkarm, killing 1 Israeli civilian.

Israeli-Palestinian violence continue, leaving 1 Palestinian dead. The PA reports a 6-hr. battle btwn. the IDF, Palestinians in Rafah in which 20 homes are damaged by tank fire, but the IDF claims the damage was caused by Palestinians tossing 50 homemade grenades at an IDF post. Jewish settlers fire on a Palestinian car traveling in the West Bank, wounding 4 Palestinians. (BBC, MM 7/5; AFP [Internet] 7/6)

  Palestinians fire mortars at Dugit settlement in Gaza, causing no injuries.

The UN admits that it has misled Israel about the existence of a video tape filmed by UNIFIL 1 day after the 10/7/00 abduction of 3 IDF soldiers in Shaba` Farms, which might provide clues to where the soldiers are being held; says it will give Israel the tape but will blur the faces of Hizballah mbrs., since its mandate bars it fr. providing either side with military intelligence. Israel, Lebanon, Hizballah all protest. (WP, WT 7/7; WT 7/8; MM 7/9; MA 7/9 in WNC 7/10; MEI 7/13, 7/27) (see Peace monitor)


Nr. Rafah, IDF troops open fire on stone-throwing Palestinians, killing a 11-yr.-old Palestinian boy. The IDF directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Lahia, Rafah, al-Sudaniyya; fire heavy machine guns at an PSF post in Bayt Sahur; open fire on Palestinians at al-Mintar crossing and in al-Bireh, Hebron, Khan Yunis, Tulkarm; occupy a Palestinian home in al-Khadir as a military outpost; seal an entrance to Tulkarm. Jewish settlers ambush a Palestinian taxi nr. Ramallah, shooting and wounding 4 Palestinians; set fire to 5 Palestinian cars, vandalize several homes in Hebron; vandalize homes on the Zatara+nNablus road; fire at Palestinians in Tulkarm; severely beat 3 Palestinians in Jinin. (PMC 7/7; NYT 7/8; NYT, WT 7/9 NYT 7/11; HA 7/11; WJW 7/12)

  2 IDF soldiers are injured by a roadside bomb nr. Nablus. Arafat instructs the PSF to place a number of Palestinians wanted by Israel in "protective custody."

Israeli-Palestinian violence continues. The IDF says that overnight Palestinians threw 60 grenades at an IDF post in Rafah, where a Palestinian boy was killed on 7/7, but caused no damage. Following the boy's funeral today, Palestinians fire on the same IDF post, causing no injuries. Undercover IDF units kidnap senior Hamas mbr. Ayoub Sharawi, wanted by Israel for allegedly "dispatching terrorist cells," fr. Hebron. The IDF also directs machine gun fire at residential areas of Khan Yunis (injuring 2), Yibna; occupies 2 Palestinian homes in Nabi Salah as a military post, evicting residents and injuring 12, including 1 Palestinian woman who suffers a miscarriage; bulldozes 40 dunams Palestinian land nr. Netzarim settlement; sets fire to an olive grove along the Zawata+nBayt Ibia road; fires on a Force-17 post in Hebron. Jewish settlers vandalize Palestinian property, severely beat 3 Palestinians in Hebron; vandalize Palestinian homes, cars in al-Sahla; bulldoze land, set fire to cattle pens, damage water wells in al-Musafir. 2 Palestinians are shot, wounded by snipers nr. Abraham Avino settlement in Hebron. (PMC 7/8; HA, HP, NYT, PMC, WT 7/9; NYT 7/10; MEI 7/13)

After an Israeli cabinet mtg. on the security situation, DM Ben-Eliezer says Israel will ease its "policy of restraint," gauge its response to "terrorist attacks in terms of their potential to do violence, and not their results." The cabinet reportedly approves IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz's revisions to the IDF's 6/2 assault plan, entitled "The Destruction of the Palestinian Authority and Disarmament of All Armed Forces," which he recommends be implemented after the next big suicide bombing inside Israel that causes heavy casualties. (HA 7/8; MM 7/11; AFP [Internet], CBS News [Internet] 7/12; HA, WP 7/13; REU 7/14; WP 7/16; AN 7/16 in WNC 7/17) (see Peace Monitor)

With Sharon's permission, Peres meets with Palestinian Council (PC) speaker Ahmad Qurai` to discuss the cease-fire. (NYT 7/12; MA 7/17 in WNC 7/18; MM 7/19)

The IDF says that overnight Palestinians threw 60 grenades at an IDF post in Rafah, where a Palestinian boy was killed on 7/7, but caused no damage. Palestinians detonate a roadside bomb nr. an IDF vehicle outside Hebron, injuring at least 1 soldier; fire on a Jewish settler bus nr. Ramallah, injuring 1 settler. The PA sentences Tahir Walid Jabir to life in prison with hard labor for collaborating with Israel.

The IDF demolishes at least 14 Palestinian homes in Shu`fat refugee camp in East Jerusalem in the largest demolition campaign in the city in recent yrs., leaving 150 Palestinians homeless, injuring 20. Israeli police scuffle with Palestinian residents, injuring 5, arresting several. Later, the IDF demolishes 10 Palestinian homes in Gaza, sparking an exchange gunfire that leaves 5 Palestinians wounded. A critically ill Palestinian man dies of a heart attack when the IDF delays his ambulance passage through a checkpoint. An IDF soldier dies of injuries received on 7/8. The IDF also directs shells/heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Sahur (hitting a PSF post); tightens access to Jerusalem and the closure on Jinin, Tulkarm; places a curfew on Sinjil, fires percussion grenades for no apparent reason. Jewish settlers place caravans on confiscated Palestinian land in Ramin to expand Annab settlement; stage a 4-hr. assault on Palestinians, their property in Hebron, also attacking journalists who come to cover the incident. (HP, LAW, MM 7/9; HA, MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/10; PMC, WT 7/11; JT, al-Quds 7/11 in WNC 7/12; HJ, JT 7/12 in WNC 7/13; ATL 7/12 in WNC 7/16; MEI 7/13; HA 7/24)

  A Hamas suicide bomber detonates a car bomb nr. and IDF post nr. Gush Katif settlement in Gaza, killing himself, causing no other injuries. Palestinians fire mortars at 2 Gaza settlements, causing no damage.
 10 JULY

In a predawn operation, the IDF bulldozes at least 17 Palestinian homes, 12 stores in Rafah refugee camp, leaving 150 Palestinians homeless and sparking a gunfight that leaves 5 Palestinians, 3 IDF soldiers wounded. Terming the demolitions "highly provocative," the U.S. announces plans to send Dep. Asst. Secy. of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield to the region to push U.S. cease-fire initiatives. A Palestinian woman gives birth at an IDF checkpoint when soldiers deny her passage, the baby dies before reaching a hospital. For the 2d time in 2 days, a Palestinian man dies of a heart attack at an IDF checkpoint when soldiers refuse to allow him passage to a hospital. Jewish settlers set fire to 50 dunams of Palestinian agricultural land nr. Avni Hefets settlement. (MEZ, MM, WP 7/10; HP, NYT, PMC, WP, WT 7/11; JT 7/11 in WNC 7/12; HJ, IRNA 7/12 in WNC 7/13; ATL 7/12 in WNC 7/16)

  Palestinians fire a mortar at Nahal Oz kibbutz, causing no injuries but marking the 1st confirmed mortar attack inside the Green Line since 5/4.
 11 JULY

The IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian passenger in a taxi that passes a checkpoint without stopping. The IDF also shells residential areas of al-Khadir; bulldozes Palestinian trees btwn. Abu Dis and Jabal al-Mukabir; tightens the closures on Bethlehem, Nablus. Israel's Peres says that, although the PA is still not making a 100% effort to halt violence, evidence in recent days suggests that the PSF is taking action against renegade gunmen; Israeli security sources corroborate reports that Arafat has ordered the PSF place a number of wanted Palestinians in "protective custody" but say Israel considers this "insufficient." Peres also says that 15 illegal settlement outposts should be dismantled within 2+n3 wks. (HA, HP 7/11; NYT, WP 7/12)

The Israeli government orders the demolition of 34 Palestinian homes in al-Midya, on the border of the Green Line, where Israel intends to create a buffer zone with the West Bank. The Jerusalem Municipality also orders the demolition of 2 more houses and 15 dunams of surrounding land in Shaykh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, for construction of a train line linking West Jerusalem with the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement. (Orient House press release 7/11; PMC 7/12)

In Jeddah, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) calls on the U.S. to fulfill its international obligations to protect the Palestinians and to stop applying a double standard in favor of Israel, or turn the matter over to the UN. (MM 7/16, 7/20)

Palestinians fire another mortar at Nahal Oz kibbutz, causing no damage. Inside Israel, Israeli police arrest a Palestinian carrying a bomb. The body of a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel is found in a West Bank village.
 12 JULY

Israeli-Palestinian clashes increase sharply. Palestinian gunmen shoot at a vehicle nr. Nablus, wounding 3 Jewish settlers. In retaliation, the IDF temporarily reoccupies a hill inside PA-controlled Nablus and shells PSF buildings in the city, killing 1 PSF officer, wounding 2 officers and a child. The IDF also occupies 3 Palestinian homes in nearby Kafr Khalil, which it does not surrender when troops withdraw fr. Nablus. Outraged settlers attack a nearby Palestinian village, smashing windows of Palestinian cars and an ambulance with stones and rifle butts, burning olive groves. After 1 Jewish settler is killed, 1 is wounded by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron, the IDF shells several Palestinian buildings, destroying a PSF post, injuring 2 PSF officers, up to 92 Palestinian civilians, and cutting off power to the PA-controlled area of the city. Angry settlers stone Palestinian homes, set fire to a garage, 1 car in Hebron; smash taxi windows, slash tires in the nearby Palestinian village of Halhul. (AP 7/12; MM, NYT, WP 7/13; MA, al-Quds 7/13 in WNC 7/16; In Focus 7/18)

Sharon sends his son Omri to Ramallah to stress to Arafat "the absolute need to stop the terror and violence," reportedly warns that Israel is prepared to launch a major strike if Palestinian attacks do not cease. (HA, MM, NYT 7/13; WP, WT 7/14; SA 7/14 in WNC 7/17; MM 7/16; MM 7/19)

Palestinian gunmen shoot at a vehicle nr. Nablus, wounding 3 Jewish settlers.
 13 JULY

Israeli-Palestinian violence escalates, leaving 2 Palestinians dead. After a 2d Jewish settler wounded on 7/12 dies of his injuries, the IDF sends tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy machine guns into the PA-controlled area of Hebron to fire on 4 Force 17 positions in the midst of Palestinian residential areas, leaving more than 20 Palestinians injured, 10s of houses damaged and triggering a major exchange of gunfire. In Tulkarm, senior Hamas mbr. Fawwas Badran is killed when his car explodes in an apparent Israeli assassination. The IDF also seizes a Palestinian home in Nabi Salih as a new outpost, fire on an ambulance in Tulkarm. (MM 7/13; WP, WT 7/14; Palestinian Red Crescent Society press release 7/16)

  IDF soldiers see a Palestinian woman place a bomb outside a Jewish settlement in Gaza and run away. When they approach to dismantle the bomb, another Palestinian throws a grenade at them, causing no injuries. Soldiers shoot him dead.
 14 JULY

Scattered Israeli-Palestinian violence continues. The IDF occupies the 2d floor of a Palestinian home in Um Safa. (In Focus 7/18)

Dep. Asst. Secy. of State Satterfield begins a 10-day visit to the region to discuss with Israeli, PA officials ways of halting violence. (NYT 7/15; WP 8/7)

 15 JULY

The IDF sends tanks into PA-controlled Hebron fr. 3 directions to destroy 5 Force 17 posts, wounding 9 Palestinians. Armed Jewish settlers occupy a Palestinian building in the city, fire on Palestinians, wounding 1. In Bethlehem, Israeli undercover agents kidnap senior Islamic Jihad mbr. Mahmud Hamdan. (MM, WP 7/16; MM 7/17; AP 7/21; al-Haq press release 7/23)

During Sharon's address opening the Maccabiah Games, 8 Jewish women silently stand and hold signs saying "War Criminals" and "Stop Ethnic Cleansing." They are beaten by other Israeli spectators, removed by Israeli police, arrested, charged with "improper behavior," and released. The women also distribute a leaflet at the games denouncing Israeli actions. (Bat Shalom press release, HP 7/17; MEI 7/27) (see Doc. C???)

In Cairo, Peres, Arafat meet after holding separate talks with Pres. Mubarak on the deteriorating Israeli-Palestinian situation. Peres warns Arafat that Israel will not hold back if there is another major bombing. (ITAR-TASS 7/15 in WNC 7/16, 7/17; MM, WT 7/16; MM 7/19; MENA 7/19 in WNC 7/23)

The Israeli cabinet approves construction of new communities in a vacant Negev area of Halutza Sands, bordering the southeast corner of the Gaza Strip, that the previous government had considered giving to the PA in a land-swap deal as part of a final status agmt. (NYT, WP, WT 7/16)

Inside Israel, 2 Palestinians are killed while they are allegedly preparing a bomb nr. the stadium where the Maccabiah Games are scheduled to open today.
 16 JULY

In response to Palestinian gunfire overnight, the IDF tanks enter PA-controlled Hebron before dawn to shell PSF posts, injuring 5 Palestinians. In retaliation to Binyamina suicide attack, the IDF sends tanks into Jinin, Tulkarm to shell PSF posts there. DM Ben-Eliezer places forces on alert, cancels a trip to Washington for a mtg. with Powell. The PA reiterates its call for a halt to actions inside Israel. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/17; HA 7/18; SA 7/18 in WNC 7/19; MM 7/23; MEI 7/27)

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Comm. holds a closed session to discuss the "Arab demographic threat" and the "dangers facing the survival of Israel as a Jewish state." Arab MKs denounce the mtg. as "naked racism." (al-Ahram [Internet] 7/19) (Cf. Special Document on the Herziliya conference)

  This evening, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber kills 2 IDF soldiers, wounds 9 others at a bus stop in Binyamina inside Israel.
 17 JULY

The IDF assassinates Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades's Bethlehem regional cmdr., Omar Saada, firing 2 wire-guided missiles at his home, also killing a Hamas colleague. When neighbors and relatives come to the scene to survey the damage, the IDF fires a 3d missile, killing Saada's brother (a peace activist) and a 4th Palestinian, wounding 10. The PA arrests 5 Palestinians for allegedly collaborating with Israel on the strike. The IDF directs shells, heavy machine gunfire at Bayt Jala, Bayt Sahur in response to mortar attack on Gilo. The IDF also shells residential areas of Qabatiyya (destroying a Force 17 post), Tulkarm; raids al-Arub, Fajar, al-Fawar, Salfit; places a closure on Qalqilya, reinforces troops in the area. Jewish settlers vandalize Palestinian cars in al-Fawar. (AFP [Internet], BBC, CNN, HP, PMC 7/17; AP, MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/18; AYM, SA 7/19 in WNC 7/20; AP 7/21; WT 7/23; MEI 7/27)

Sharon phones Bush to urge him to press for a statement strongly condemning Arafat at the upcoming G-8 summit. Sharon also reportedly tells Bush that Israel plans to carry out "preventive operations" in the near future. An hr. later, Sharon receives a call fr. Powell urging Israeli restraint, but, late this evening, the IDF sends tank, troop reinforcements into the West Bank in its largest deployment since the start of the al-Aqsa intifada, raising speculation that a massive attack is imminent. (MM 7/20)

  For the 1st time, West Bank Palestinians fire 2 mortars at the Jewish settlement of Gilo, outside Jerusalem, causing no damage. The IDF says it defused 2 bombs in Tel Aviv, outside a West Bank settlement.
 18 JULY

Israel continues to reinforce its West Bank forces, stationing paratrooper units in areas nr. Bethlehem, Jinin. The IDF files low-level F-16 sorties, drops thermal balloons over the Gaza Strip; directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at Palestinian residential areas of Hebron, setting 7 Palestinian homes on fire; tightens the closures on Qalqilya, Tulkarm. Jewish settlers reportedly confiscate several Palestinian homes in the Palestinian section of Hebron nr. Kiryat Arba. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received on 7/16. (AP, HA, HP 7/18; NYT 7/19)

At a G-8 preparatory mtg. in Rome, the FMs of Britain, France, Germany, Italy insist that dispatching an impartial observer force to the West Bank and Gaza is necessary to restore a lasting cease-fire, renew peace talks. Secy. of State Powell says sending a force is "premature," since Israel does not approve, but he does not reject the idea outright. (WP, WT 7/19)

Palestinians fire 4 mortars at Netzarim settlement, Nahal Oz kibbutz inside Israel. In Bethlehem, 1,000s of Palestinians hold anti-Israeli demonstrations following the funeral for Hamas's Saada.
 19 JULY

Mbrs. of the Comm. for Road Safety, the armed wing of the militant Jewish settler group Kach, spray a Palestinian vehicle with automatic weapons fire, leaving 3 Palestinians dead, 4 wounded. The gunmen then run to an IDF roadblock and escape into Israel. In Hebron, the IDF shells Palestinian residential areas, injuring 20, and exchanges gunfire with Force 17, PSF officers; Jewish settlers fire on, try to set fire to several Palestinian homes, causing no injures. The IDF also directs shells/heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Hanun, Bayt Jala. (AFP [Internet], AP, MM 7/19; HP, MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/20; WP, WT 7/21; MA 7/22 in WNC 7/23, 7/24; al-Quds 7/22 in WNC 7/25; MM 7/24; MEI 7/27; JP 8/3)

At the G-8 preparatory mtg. in Rome, FMs unanimously adopt a resolution supporting "third-party monitoring" as a means of facilitating a cease-fire, but agree that both Israel, the PA would have to approve. Powell backs the resolution after the wording is changed to call for "third-party monitors" rather than "international observers." Israel denounces the proposal. (AFP [Internet], AP, BBC, HA 7/19; MM, NYT, REU, WP, WT 7/20; MENA 7/20, AFP, MENA 7/22 in WNC 7/23; AYM 7/21 in WNC 7/25; WP 7/23; MEI 7/27) (see Peace Monitor)

Palestinian gunmen fire on a settler bus nr. Ariel, causing no injuries; the IDF seals 3 nearby Palestinian villages while troops sweep the area.
 20 JULY

In Hebron, 2 explosions rip through a Palestinian home next door to the local Fatah headquarters, killing 2 Palestinians, including Fatah tanzim leader Raja Abu Rajab, and wounding 10. Fatah claims it was an IDF assassination; Israel accuses Fatah of making false accusations to escalate the violence. The IDF directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas in and around Hebron, setting fire to 1 home, injuring 2 Palestinians. Jewish settlers fire on, throw stones at Palestinians driving nr. Ramallah, critically injuring 1; set a Palestinian home on fire in Nabi Salih. Palestinians, the IDF exchange gunfire around Gilo-Bayt Jala. (HP 7/20; WP, WT 7/21; HA 7/22; MEI 7/27)

 21 JULY

In Genoa, G-8 heads of state endorse the FMs 7/19 statement calling for third-party monitors. (DUS 7/21, MENA 7/22 in WNC 7/23; MM 7/23; al-Quds 7/23 in WNC 7/24; MM 7/24; AFP, MENA 7/24 in WNC 7/25; MM 7/25)

 22 JULY

Israel announces that several days ago, the Shin Bet arrested Arafat bodyguard Anis Namura on charges of organizing a group to carry out attacks on Israeli targets in the West Bank. The PA denies Namura is a Force 17 mbr. Palestinians report that the IDF has recently moved more helicopters into Jewish settlements in the West Bank. (WP 7/22; MM 7/23; REU, WT 7/24; MEI 7/27)

At a Likud Central Comm. mtg. in Tel Aviv, Sharon is criticized for "being soft," not "crushing" Arafat, the PA. Leading the criticism is fmr. PM Benjamin Netanyahu. (MM, NYT, WP 7/23; MA 7/23 in WNC 7/24; MM 7/25, 7/26; MEI 7/27; JP 8/3)

  Palestinians fire a mortar at a Jewish settlement in Gaza, causing no damage. Afterward, PSF officers attempt to arrest the group at a checkpoint, exchanging gunfire with them, wounding 3. In Haifa, Israeli police arrest a Palestinian for planting a bomb nr. a building complex, dissemble the device.
 23 JULY

The IDF raids the home of suspected Islamic Jihad mbr. Mustafa Yassin in Anin, fatally shoot him when he allegedly attempts to flee; a would-be Palestinian bomber detained in Haifa on 7/22 named Yassin as his handler during interrogation. The IDF also fatally shoots a Palestinian teenager during clashes nr. a Gaza roadblock. (REU 7/23; MM, WP 7/24; NYT, PMC 7/25; MEI 7/27)


Late this evening in Gaza City, a rally by some 3,000 Palestinians protesting the PA's recent crackdown on activists per the Tenet plan devolves into clashes with the PSF when 100s of the protesters attack the nearby home of PA military intelligence chief Musa Arafat. At least 7 demonstrators are arrested, but no one is seriously injured. When word of the clashes spreads, 100s of Palestinians in Nussayrat camp riot outside the local PSF office in protest. (REU 7/23; AFP [Internet], REU 7/24; RMC 7/24 in WNC 7/25; MM, NYT 7/25; SA 7/26 in WNC 7/27; MEI 7/27)

 24 JULY

The IDF bulldozes 45 dunams of Palestinian land along the Gaza border nr. Nahal Oz kibbutz. (MM, NYT, WP 7/25)

  A Jewish settler is found murdered nr. Ramallah; officials think he was lured to Ramallah, then kidnapped, similar to the case of an Israeli murdered on 1/18. Palestinians throw 15 grenades at a Rafah checkpoint during the day, causing no injuries.
 25 JULY

Israel assassinates senior Hamas mbr. Salah al-Din Darwaza, firing 5 antitank missiles at his car as he drives through Nablus. Armed Jewish settlers fr. Morag attack a PSF post, a residential building in Rafah, sparking an exchange of gunfire involving the IDF and PSF that leaves 3 soldiers injured. The IDF bulldozes the PSF post, surrounding agricultural land. In response, Palestinians fire a mortar at Morag, causing no damage. (LAW 7/25; HP, NYT, WP 7/26; JP 8/3)

At the weekly trilateral security comm. mtg., the PA warns that it will not be able to continue the security mtgs. if Israeli assassinations continue. The PA hands Israel a list of 31 Jewish settlers wanted for carrying out attacks on Palestinians, warning that the PA will take action if Israel does not arrest them. (AFP [Internet], NYT 7/25; MM, WJW 7/26; al-Quds 7/26 in WNC 7/27; SA 7/30 in WNC 7/31)

 26 JULY

The IDF conducts arrest sweeps in Dayr Istya, Hussan, and Qalqilya, arresting 11 Palestinians (including 5 Fatah mbrs., 2 PSF officers); at least 5 are released later. (AFP [Internet], HP 7/26; NYT 7/27)

  A Jewish settler is killed in a drive-by shooting nr. the West Bank settlement of Givon; Palestinian gunmen also fire into Givon, causing no injuries. In the West Bank, 2 roadside bombs explode nr. an IDF vehicle, nr. a settler school bus, causing no injuries.
 27 JULY

Israeli-Palestinian violence continues. IDF tanks demolish 2 PSF outposts on the Ramallah+nBirzeit road, shell and destroy another PSF post nr. Beitunia. (LAW 8/6)

 28 JULY

In retaliation for 3 mortars fired at a Jewish settlement in Gaza overnight that caused no damage, IDF helicopters shell a Palestinian building nr. Khan Yunis allegedly used as a mortar factory. The IDF also shuts a main Nablus+nJordan Valley road; sends tanks into PA-controlled Hebron to fire on a PSF outpost, critically wounding 1 PSF officer. (WT 7/29; LAW 8/6)

  The Popular Army Front+nReturn Battalions (a new group that has carried out at least 2 incidents on 3/28, 4/22) publishes a list of 33 Jewish settler leaders it warns could be targeted for assassination. 1,000s of Hamas supporters attend a rally in memory of Salah al-Din Darwaza, assassinated on 7/25.
 29 JULY

Mbrs. of the Israeli ultranationalist group, Temple Mount Faithful, march on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif to lay a cornerstone for the 3d Temple. Israeli police block the marchers, but Palestinians who gathered at al-Aqsa in anticipation of the group's attempt to enter the mosque compound throw stones at Jewish worshipers praying at the Wailing Wall, injuring 15. 100s of Israeli police enter the compound, disperse the crowd with tear gas, concussion grenades, injuring 35, arresting 31. IDF soldiers assault 7 press photographers, 1 reporter covering the incident, breaking cameras, confiscating film. Palestinians, IDF troops trade gunfire nr. Ramallah, leaving 3 Palestinians, 2 soldiers wounded; shell residential areas of Hebron, Rafah. (MENA 7/29 in WNC 7/30; NYT, REU, WP, WT 7/30; JT, MENA, XIN 7/30 in WNC 7/31; AYM 7/30 in WNC 8/2; LAW 8/6)

  A car bomb explodes in a parking garage in Pisgat Ze'ev settlement, causing no injuries.
 30 JULY

Nr. Jinin, an explosion kills 6 Fatah mbrs., 3 of whom are on Israel's most-wanted list, 1 of whom is a PA military intelligence officer. Fatah says they were assassinated by IDF tank fire; Israel claims they were assembling a bomb when it exploded. The IDF fatally shoots a PSF officer and an Islamic Jihad mbr. nr. Qarni crossing; directs shells, heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Hebron, Rafah. (AFP [Internet], BBC, NYT, REU, WP, WT 7/30; NYT, WP 7/31; SA 7/31 in WNC 8/1; LAW 8/6; MEI 8/10)

  After Palestinians fire a mortar at Kefar Darom settlement in Gaza, injuring 1 girl, IDF helicopters fire shells at the main PSF headquarters in Gaza City, destroying a building that Israel claims was a mortar factory, injuring 7 PSF officers. A small bomb explodes in a supermarket in Pisgat Ze'ev, and a roadside bomb explodes nr. a Jewish settler school bus nr. Ofra, neither causing injuries. Nr. Tulkarm, Palestinian gunmen fire across the Green Line at an Israeli border police car, injuring 3 officers.
 31 JULY

The IDF shells Hamas's press office in Nablus, killing 8 Palestinians, wounding 7. Among the fatalities are Hamas political leaders Jamal Mansur and Jamal Salim, the targets of assassination and prominent public figures known for running a network of welfare programs and medical clinics. Also killed are Fahim Dawabsha, another Hamas mbr. on Israel's wanted list; 2 journalists interviewing Mansur; 2 children outside the building. The attack triggers firefights, especially around Jerusalem; mortar strikes; and 2 ambushes of Jewish settler vehicles that leave 7 settlers wounded. 100s of Palestinians gather outside the Hamas office to protest. Sharon terms the attack "one of our most important successes." The State Dept. "strongly deplores" the "highly provocative" incident. Egypt's Mubarak sends an "urgent letter" to Bush pressing for U.S. to intervene with Israel. Meanwhile, the IDF demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Shu`fat; sends tanks, bulldozers into Bayt Sahur to shell residential areas, demolish part of a home, a water network; directs heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Jala, Gaza City, al-Khadir, Khan Yunis, Rafah; bulldozes additional land outside Ramallah; conducts arrest sweeps in Bayt Hanina, East Jerusalem, Shu`fat, al-Tur, Wadi al-Juz; sets up a new checkpoints nr. Nablus, Ramallah, Zawata; tightens the closures on Salfit, Tulkarm. IDF soldiers also severely beat 2 journalists at a checkpoint nr. Qalandiyya; 2 Palestinians are killed in clashes elsewhere. Jewish settlers vandalize Palestinian cars in East Jerusalem. (AP, HP, LAW, PMC, REU 7/31; MENA 7/31 in WNC 8/1; MENA 7/31, ATL, JT, MA, MENA, XIN 8/1 in WNC 8/2; NYT, WP, WT 8/1; XIN 8/1, AN 8/2 in WNC 8/3; HP 8/2; MENA 8/4 in WNC 8/6; LAW 8/6; JP, MEI 8/10)

The UNSC votes unanimously to extends the UNIFIL mandate through the end of 1/02, implement the staged troop reduction endorsed on 5/18. (UN press release 7/31; AFP 8/1 in WNC 8/2; MEI 8/10) (see Peace Monitor)

A PA security court sentences 4 Palestinians to death for collaborating with Israel in the assassination of senior Fatah official Thabet Thabet on 12/31/00. A 5th defendant is acquitted. (WT 8/1; AYM 8/4 in WNC 8/10; WT 8/7)



IDF Israeli Defense Forces

PA Palestinian Authority


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